Monday, December 7, 2009

Work Inspirations

In my current project, I work with 15 creative thinkers. They are all guys. None of them "speak Prada" and none of them gives a hoot with how I look everyday (read as: overdressed from Monday to Friday). I'm sure it's a torture for them to deal with me coz I will never be one of them and will always be this "girly girl"! =)

Here's how I motivate myself to go to work everyday....

(Gotta go to work, I have a nice outfit to wear!)
work outfits
-- dress: Diane von Furstenberg -- halter top: Badgley Mischka -- belt: from Manila --
burgundy patent pumps: Chanel --

( Gotta go to work so I could peek at the pre-sale goodies at lunchtime!)
work outfits1
-- cropped wrap: Max Mara Weekend -- dress: Anne Taylor -- over-the-knee boots: 9West --

( Gotta go to work so I could pick-up my pre-sale goodies at Neimans!)
work outfits2
-- sweater: Neimans Excl. -- pleated skirt: Max Mara Weekend -- belt: Mimi di N --
black pumps: Louboutin Decoltissimo --

(Gotta go to work so I could wear my new Loubies!)
work outfits3
-- dress: CK. -- cashmere top: JCP -- belt: CK -- scarf: from Paris --
-- slingbacks: Louboutin Picador --

(Gotta go to work coz I just made a big purchase from last night!! )
Yes, I did!! Will post about it next week when it arrives!
Hint: it's an exotic skin!

work outfits4
-- tee: Hard Rock Sydney. -- jacket: Gap -- jeans: JBrand -- scarf: from Paris --
-- suede pumps: Gucci --

PS - As shallow as this post may sound, it's really just in the name of blogging fun, so don't take me seriously. I do love my work and don't need these motivations to come in everyday, hehe! =)


  1. It's so hard when people treat you with disdain because you dress nice!!

    Gorgeous outfits! Thursday's dress is so pretty.

  2. @Maria - they're actually quite nice guys... they just look at my outfit and smile! =)

  3. i must admit one of my motivations to go to work is to dress up. i love those silly got to gotta go to work captions. you look fabulous in all the outfits. i can't pick one, i like all monday to friday.

  4. Loving all your outfits for work! Even if you work with guys who don't care about fashion, at the end of the day, you're dressing up to make yourself feel better, not them ;-) And in their own way I'm sure they appreciate it... the guys at work are a little more in-tune with fashion (they shop online more than me!), but I don't dress up for them either... haha.

    P.S. I know for a fact that LVR will take off the VAT if they ship to the US/outside Europe. Some of my girlfriends in the States have ordered Louboutins from the site. Happy shopping! ;-)

  5. your work wardrobe looks fab xxxx

  6. Hello to the most beautiful and charming "Elf" called Grace ;)

    What I always love about your posts is the mix of fashion and your humor!
    The way you write is always too adorable and too adorable are all your
    "motivation diary" looks!
    From monday - friday P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N, especially how you mix black with other colors.
    Your new Loubies (I have to keep that term in my mind) and Gucci´s are so gorgeous! I hope your christmas tree is not missing them under the christmas tree ;)
    Awwh Grace... with your beautiful legs you can simply wear everything!

    Can´t wait to see the photos of your newest treasure!
    Have tons of fun when you open your package!

    Sending you a trillion-billion hugs& kisses to Minneapolis;)

  7. Such a fun and varied collection of looks! And hey, any reason to get dressed up is a good reason, if you ask me.

  8. I love your use of color. Not too overdone, just enough.

  9. love all the looks for work. professional yet still fun and cute at the same time. well done!

  10. Mmmh so I vote the "Monday" one, the way your shiny RED belt looks like a sulfurous stripe through an Opacity Ocean . . . which is perfectly in harmony with your jet-black hair !!!
    ps: OOOoooh AND this situation sounds very "Corporate Mistress in the middle of her so lucky consenting slaves" !!!
    ps: Hope you're Well Dear Grace.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  11. I'd love your outfits and comment all the time if we worked together!

  12. Hi beautiful,
    you look gorgeous from Monday through Friday..They are all perfect outfit for work...Being a girl, we should dress-up as much as we can..why not?
    Btw, my givenchy bag is medium size. I think you could work it out on large size.


  13. awwww love your outfits!!!! so gorgeous and stylish girl ;)


  14. A great outfit makes mondays so much easier to bear! I especially LOVE the first dress. You look great.

  15. I can't believe you work with ALL guys. Geez.

    You look fab every day of the week! Glad to see you're still posting. It's been tough lately for me (sick, finals, weekend work conference), but I always love to see your posts.

    How is Kat? I haven't heard from her. Are you two still hanging out? If so, tell her I said hi!

  16. Hi there,

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your work outfits!!!! :)

    I wish I can dress up too at work :(
    How are you otherwise?

    Much love,

    Che :)

  17. Hey there Grace! As you already know, I love the office attires...make me miss dressing up for work, too!

    I wonder how it would be for me if I worked with an all-guy team...hmmm...I've always been surrounded by female colleagues...the girliest girls at that.

    Have a great time with the hubby!

  18. This made me laugh out loud! Yay for motivation! You look perfect in every single look - how do you do it?!

  19. you look sooooo stunning. you worked every look. i'm so glad i found your blog! following you!

  20. I like the Thursday look! The burgundy color really gives the whole ensemble a pop of color.

  21. Your tuesday outfit is stunning, it would definitely get my vote as the stunning and stylish look.
    Have a wonderful week.

  22. Thank you all for the lovely comments!! =)

  23. Aw hon, you look fabulous every day of the week! As much as those guys may not get it, I'm pretty sure they appreciate how good you look and that you don't come to work in ratty sweat pants with your hair unwashed :)

    Love your Monday/Wednesday tights! And I adore you in red!

  24. you look completely lovely all week! xx

  25. What an amazing week of style? You look so great!

  26. Hello,G!

    I missed 2 of your posts.Yay!

    If I have a wardrobe as fabulous as yours, I wouldn't mind working with 2 dozen guys who are uninterested in fashion. Loving the Monday and Thursday looks the most.Too bad I can't see much of that Chanel pumps. Maybe you'll show it on close-up the next time maybe? ;)



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