Saturday, August 8, 2009

Uptown Art Fair

-- halter dress: Banana Republic -- tights: Forever 21 -- cami: The Limited -- belt: Michael Kors --

T oday was so hot, humid and muggy - exactly how summer should be! We went to check out the Uptown Art Fair - that one weekend in a year when artists from around the country showcase their works in the Twin Cities. We had a 4-hr window to do so because of the afternoon rain forecast.

* * *

art fair
This has to be the cutest sculpture we ever saw there!

* * *

art fair5
Hard to believe but this guy is made entirely of resin.
I hope this is not what Anna Wintour saw when she described Minnesotans as "little houses". We are the 3rd most fit city in the country, hello!!

* * *

art fair1
Performers do break dance and hip hop.

* * *

art fair2
Belly dancers.

* * *

art fair4
We took refuge during the rain by having an early dinner at Chino Latino.
We used to frequent this place because it's the only one around here that serve Philippine Paella! We only stopped going when it became apparent that their crowd got hipper while we got older.

* * *

art fair3
They're fearless in pushing the boundaries of fusion food and run the cleverest of ads on billboards around the city.
This was the funniest from 2005: "Pupu parties til the wee-wee hours".
But they got in trouble last year when they used Chinese characters as profanity alternatives on an ad that said, "A 2-hour vacation from the
他媽的 weather".

* * *

art fair-1
Their misfortune cookie is always so funny.
Mine says,
"You think it's a secret but has never been one."
Before, I got something like "
Hold that big smile, you've got food stuck in between your teeth" and
"Are you sure the chicken satay was chicken?"

* * *

Tomorrow's itinerary is a toss-up between the Irish Fair or yet another Art Fair in the south side of town.

* * *

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!


  1. Hey girl! You look pretty in pink! Haha! WE went to the Uptown Art Fair as well...walked the whole stretch to view everything art. We thoroughly enjoyed it! And we actually stopped by Chino crowded even at lunch time. I've seen the online wanted to taste the Philippine paella. Perhaps next time...

    Happy weekend!

  2. Are you and Kat in the same city?!! Maybe you two should do a blogger meet-up...hee hee :)

    Hot pink looks wonderful on you. Are you Phillipina? I've always wanted to try Phillipino food.

    By the way, your pictures are very high quality!

  3. Hey Thumbelina!

    Yes, we are!! Been contemplating about that actually since you're meet-up with Lynn! Summoning the courage now to ask Kat... =)

  4. What a fabulous post!
    I would also vote for a blogger-meet-up of Kat and you ;)

    Pink is Beautiful!
    It looks wonderful with your dark hair!!

    I enjoyed to take a look at all your photos!!!

    Have a wonderful enchanting week ahead!!!

  5. pretty pretty mo Mare!:) ituloy na natin yung trash the wedding gown *lol*



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