Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tiger VS. Me

Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

My hubz is such an avid golf fan to the point that his admiration for Tiger Woods almost spoiled our engagement 7 years ago!

It was the 2002 PGA and he went with my roommate who was lucky enough to win tickets for the event. I was busy at work and couldn't come with them. And so he promised to be back by a certain time to take me out for a walk, but only to be 3 hours late!

I was so mad at him for breaking his promise but only to be taken completely by surprise when on that same day, he proposed and promised me forever.

Fast forward 7 years after (before I drown you in such cheesiness), and the man responsible for my almost foiled engagement is back in town! =)

This time, another good friend who's an executive for one of the corporate sponsors was so nice to give us tickets! And so I quickly ditched my earlier plans to check out Nordstrom in favor of seeing in person the man, the myth and the golf legend himself!!

pga 2009-1
We had two extra tickets to give away but all of our friends already had plans for the day.
It's too bad because even regular tickets are expensive and hard to come by, let alone these Wanamaker Club passes! Tsk, tsk...
Apparently, not everyone is as giddy to see Tiger as us.

* * *

pga 2009
They don't allow cameras & celfones inside so we just had to contend with these photos at the parking lot, BOO!!

* * *

Photo credit: Frip Scratch from flickr
And since this is a style blog, I did attempt to channel my inner Annika Sorenstam (if only in clothing) but decided against it because the weatherman said it's going to be hot and humid and in the low 90's. (He was SO wrong, btw. It poured later in the afternoon)

* * *

pga 20093
-- cap: PGA 2009 commemorative golf cap --- the rest: just grabbed the most comfy pieces in my closet, without much thought --
I'm guilty looking like a tweener in this cutesy white/pink combo but hey, this tweener got to see Tiger tee off on the 3rd hole, was inches away from him as he walked to the 6th hole and again in 12th hole, and was lucky enough to get a grandstand seating as he finished his par putt on the 18th hole!

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Hi there Grace! Wow, you look so cute in that outfit! And I like the first pic with the two look adorable!

    About the cancelled Nordstrom shopping trip...that's OK, you can always go tomorrow, right?!

    Happy Sunday eve to you and your hubby!

  2. Forgot to say: love the story about the proposal!

    We watched bits of the Tiger Woods action at Hazeltine on TV only! A Korean won.

  3. Ciao Stellina...
    This is such a cute story .. and you grapped something "beautiful comfy" for that day out of your closet. The pastel rose color of your tube is enchanting ;)

    Have a beautiful day and wonderful week ahead!!!

  4. So you're a "golf widow," eh? I'm not but I am a soccer/football widow. I guess it comes with the

    I think this outfit is perfect for a golf outing. Actually I can't dress up in 90 degree heat. I don't like ruining my clothes. You look cuter than I would though :)

  5. Wow! My dad and most of my golf loving guy buddies would be so jealous of you right now!

    I dont think you look like a tweener at all. I actually adore this sporty outfit :) You look great!


  6. awesome blog lady! love all your outfit posts! and how lucky for you to watch the tournament! btw, you have gorgeous gorgeous hair!

  7. hi grace! you look cute! :) did you meet your hubby in ACN too?

  8. Thank you for the comments, lovely ladies!! =)

    @Thumbelina - That should have been the title of this post, "The Golf Widow". =) I guess we just have to accept that part of them as they also try to accept the shopaholic in us!! ;-)

    @Lynn - Yes, I met the hubz while I was on a project in Kansas, of all places! =)



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