Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Sweetest MIL

My mom-in-law is the simply the nicest, sweetest and most thoughtful!

Every year for our birthdays, she always gives us a check to spend on anything we want! This year, I'm not investing it like I normally do. Instead, I'll use it for a healthy dose of VitaMinn style and stimulate the retail economy starting with this...

I spotted it on eBay last week listed at 60% off retail! I contacted Thumbelina right away for a second opinion in terms of authenticity, sizing, etc... Thanks Thumbelina!!

* * *

I still have no idea from which season these are from but who cares?! They're a keeper! I mean look at those camellias, nothing can ever be so girly! =)


They're brand new and all but the only catch was the box was a bit damaged... but I really didn't mind.
Photo credit: from the eBay seller hippieprincess

I'm a happy girl!! Thank you Mom!!


  1. Hey Grace! Loveliest shoes ever...those camellias are wonderful to behold! Lucky, lucky find and lucky girl to have a thoughtful mom-in-law.

    Love meeting you, Grace! I had such a wonderful time. The hubby finished off the Indian food. haha!

  2. Hello Grace!
    And you had your first blogger-meeting ;) CONGRATULATIONS!

    I´m sure you 2 lucky girls had lots of fun!!!
    Can´t wait to see these gorgeous Chanel flower heels on your feet!!!!

    Have a beautiful friday and enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Yay!! They look great, but I want to see them ON you. :) And yes, your mom-in-law is a gem!

  4. wow, congrats on such a good find! You have such a wonderful mom-in-law!

    Enjoy your nw purchase my dear :)

    Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

  5. What a graceful pair of shoes!!

    Thank you for your comment! I got my thigh high boots from Steve Madden, what a lucky find, go go go! They might still have some since it's summer! I have the hardest time finding boots that fit haha.

    Stop by again soon! x!



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