Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Hips Don't Lie

mNs grill3
-- Ruffle front cotton dress: Mossimo from Target -- Sunnies: Fendi -- Braided belt: Michael Kors --
-- Platform shoes: Banana Republic -- Long cardigan: Banana Republic --
...They're as BIG as the universe, there's NO denying!

H ips happen. Not much we can do about that. But in my case, hips happened in a BIG way! Not much I can do about that either.

Today, I make peace with it. Peace hips!

* * * *

mNs grill2
Sorry for the rant, one of those insecurities we all have. =(

* * * *

mNs grill4
Others have more serious and life-threatening things to worry about, and here am I am worrying about my hips.

This place provided just the antidote I needed for my shallow concerns. As I stand here at the Cancer Survivor's Park, I promise to always come back here if I feel the same way again about any part of my body that is otherwise perfectly healthy.

* * * *

mNs grill1
So there, hips and all, today, I'm VERY grateful!!

* * * *

mNs grill
Steak dinner, why not? Gotta feed my newly befriended hips, after all!

We wanted to have steak but didn't want to spend $$$, so M&S Grill provided just the perfect place for it.

Also wore the dress and the cardi here:
BR Long Cardigan
Dress for a Latte Price
1aa-blog photos20-11aa-blog photos18-6

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  1. You've got GORGEOUS hips (I won't say you have none because EVERY WOMAN has them--we wouldn't be women if we didn't have them!). Actually I think you're gorgeous all around. But I know what you mean about the insecurity thing. For a while I thought I had huge hips too.

    I love this look.



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