Thursday, July 30, 2009

¡Ay, caramba!

ummer is (supposedly) the season characterized by warmer weather but apparently, Minnesota did NOT get that memo! Today was colder than usual; our high was only in the low 70's. But we did not let that get in the way of our plans for some taste of Latin music at the Mill City Museum!

charanga tropical-1
-- Calvin Klein floral top -- white shorts from Woolies (in Aus) -- Calvin Klein sunnies (useless today) -- Prada Vit. Daino hobo -- Forever 21 necklace -- Banana Republic mettalic flats -- Banana Republic cropped bomber jacket --

~ ~ ~

It brought back memories of our few months stay in Miami last year where on some weekends, we'd skip going back to the Twin Cities to enjoy some Latin singing and dancing at Bayside Marketplace. And after losing all energy from dancing and watching other people dance, we would mosey down to David's Cafe (corner of Lincoln and Meridian) for an authentic Cubano treat!

~ ~ ~

charanga tropical2
If not for the cold breeze and the fact that I had to wear a light jacket, I would have been taken back to Miami just by listening to this band, "Charanga Tropical".

~ ~ ~

charanga tropical3
Their style of “charanga,” is a unique sound that is rarely heard outside of Cuba and so it was a treat to hear and dance to!

~ ~ ~

charanga tropical
Can't wait for the warmer weekend!


  1. LOL! You're Saks addict like I am! Yeah, I think we'll meet up somewhere in downtown.

  2. You took such wonderful shots! I used to go dancing (swing mostly) and miss it. Too bad that it's chillier where you are. This week's been ridiculously humid, rainy, and icky. Oh well. It's better than frigid temperatures!

    I like this outfit a lot. It's so cute. White + Black=Two thumbs up!!

  3. I actually love weather where you still get to wear a jacket...probably because I have so many of them. You look cute and not too chilly! :-)

  4. Kat, Thumbelina & WendyB, thanks for the comments! =)



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