Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aquatennial 2009

07-19 aquatennial
-- Ann Taylor satin ruffled top -- Fendi sunnies -- Glass necklace from Kohls -- LV speedy 30 --
Our first time at the Minneapolis Aquatennial, now on its 70th year.

I can't believe that in our 6 years here (9 years for me), we have not gone to the Aquatennial Fest ever. And so this year, we made it a point to go. The verdict? Quite interesting but won't mind missing it for next year... and the year after that... and the year after....

07-19 aquatennial1
The sandcastle contest with the city as the backdrop.

07-19 aquatennial2
Milk carton boat race. Simply ingenious.

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  1. hi there! sorry if this is a repeat comment but my internet connection was acting up earlier.

    thanks for visiting my site and for the lovely comment. did you work for acn before? maybe we have common friends?

    i have been to minneapolis before and it is indeed cold!! :)



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