Sunday, July 26, 2009

From MSP to TX in 5 Seconds

jeans day2
-- Banana Republic blazer -- Ann Taylor top -- Lucky Brand Jeans --
-- Ferragamo ribes
& varina
-- Forever 21 coin necklace --
From office casual to casual dinner.

O f course NOT Texas the state, but just the restaurant. In particular, Texas Roadhouse - home of the best rolls & cinnamon butter known to mankind!

We met up with our friends early so I didn't get a chance to do a change of outfit so I just cuffed my jeans, changed into some comfy flats, dropped the jacket and off we went for a sumptuous dinner of bbq ribs and fried chicken. It was every calorie so worth it!

jeans day1-1
PS - The flats were fresh from the box from my lunchtime purchase at Off Fifth. At 60% off, it was practically begging to be bought and I was too weak to resist. =)

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