Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Bridesmaid Dress, 101 Ways

vitamn style
-- Custom-made bridesmaid dress -- Old Navy leather skirt -- Stuart Weitzman patent pumps --
After three years of hiding inside my closet collecting dust, this Swarovski-encrusted bridesmaid dress is now finally making a grand comeback!

W hat to do with my old bridesmaid dresses has been an age-old question that's been bugging me for years now. Finally, that "Aha!" moment came a few days ago after seeing the fabulous blog post by Thumbelina Fashionista. Thanks Thumbelina!

~ ~ ~

I bought these leather skirt 8 yrs ago and I didn't know how to wear it either... until now!

bridesmaid dress2
Same outfit but pairing it with a red sandals with yellow heels and green flower stitches. They perfectly pick up the color of my bridesmaid top!

~ ~ ~

bridesmaid dress3
Love the exquisite detailing of this dress. My friend even had her designer travel from Manila to Thailand in search for the best silk. And those Swarovskis and mini-pearls and beads were all handsewn!

~ ~ ~

bridesmaid dress4
...And these glass drop earrings were 25 cents from Target!!

~ ~ ~

bridesmaid dress1
So there, here's one way to wear your old bridesmaid dress. Now I have to think of the
other 100 ways... =)


  1. Haha! Yep, the skirt is still available at Saks! Like the first look with SW pumps. I too love embellished clothing!

  2. I'm SO happy!! You look AMAZING in this...the top is fantastic (I'd wear that!), and the skirt is also luscious. Great job!!!

  3. Good going, unfortunately a lot of "friends" don't have such good taste when it comes to picking out the bridemaid dresses. LOL
    THis is a really cute outfit.

  4. your brides maid dresses were nice...look really gorgeous!



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