Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Wrap, Many Ways

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kariza vintage1
-- Kariza vintage wrap -- Mossimo stilletos -- Shell earrings from a peddler in Cebu --
"With limitless creativity, these timeless pieces can be worn in numerous ways for any occasion."

I love things that have dual or multi-purpose. But this wrap? It's got bazillion purpose! It can be a dress, a skirt, a wrap, a halter (and insert any other article of clothing you can think of!).

kariza vintage-2
I'm wearing it here as a halter dress.


kariza vintage
..and here as an assymetrical dress with ribbon and x-back.


kariza vintage-3
Love that it's so floaty and airy...


kariza vintage1-1
...and 100% girly! =)


kariza vintage1-2
Excuse me as I take my dress for a spin!
(pose inspired by Lynn's post here)


kariza vintage-5
I traded the heels for a metallic flats and went for lunch at Spoon River. It's an organic restaurant that's been making so much buzz among the locals here. And true to their "100% organic" creed, they don't serve pop (Coke, Sprite and their siblings). Instead they have this China cola that's made of herbs and ginger!


Adding a long cardigan for warmth, we ended the night with a bang (literally) watching the Aquatennial Fireworks. Sponsored by Target Corp, it was twice longer and three times better than the 4th of July one.


  1. Hey there! Yes, we did go out to see the fireworks display! I agree, twas much more fantastic than the 4th of July fireworks we saw at that same place.

    Lovely dress! I like versatile pieces too...especially of they are can get a lot out of them.

  2. Very informative post! I never new there was so much to do with just one wrap! Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi there grace! the spin pose always works! LOL! :) i love clothes that are multi-purpose. more bang for the buck. you look great!



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