Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Big Smile and a Bigger Sigh

vera wang lavender label
-- top: Vera Wang Lavender Label --- vest: Sisley -- tights & earrings: Forever 21 --
-- chain bracelet: Banana Republic --shoes: Saks Fifth Ave --

The hubz is already running out of subtle ways in telling me to stop shopping. Today, when I got home and he saw my "goodies", I smiled a BIG smile and he just shook his head and sighed a big sigh.

vera wang lavender label1
I like the long bow at the back of this top. It betrays the edgy vibe that's going on in the front and reveals the girly-girl that's truly me!

Happy mid-week everyone! The weekend's just around the corner!!


  1. Hi there Grace! Haha! Hubbies don't get the passionate shopping thing.

    I like that blouse...seen it at Saks as well! Nice pairing it up with the vest (gives it shape) and tights.

    See you on Friday! Yay!

  2. I agree with husband doesn't get it either. Oh well. We love them for other reasons, right? :P

    I love this look and especially the top. So pretty. By the way, did I tell you that I LOVE your home? It's so beautiful.

    Are you meeting Kat?!! YAY!!!

  3. Hihi Grace! :) I love bows too! Makes everything super feminine and girly! Adore it. And it's cool, I'm always in a rush. I always feel like I don't have time to sit down and enjoy reading a magazine-something I need to do since I've got a pile waiting for me!

    Ripping jeans is sooo fun! I'm going to do a few more, you should too!

    And yay for meeting new bloggers on here! :) You're super nice! And since I'm not married, I don't have that kind of response-but my DAD shakes his head at me hehe!


  4. Hehe.... That's whyt my Mr is also trying to explain to me.... But if I wouldn't do the shopping for him he would be lost ;) TRUE FACT!
    So I continue shopping beautiful things and also some stuff for him and he is happy :)
    I second Thumbelina's comment: We love them for other reasons!
    That's a great look - I love black&white outfits very much and you're wearing it just beautiful!!
    Hehe, another fashionable blogger meeting?! Love that! Enjoy your meeting and please say cheers from me as well!
    xoxo Sofie

  5. Ohhhh I love revealing my shopping goods to my husband gently. Only when he's in a good mood, and I feel like modeling a piece or two for him. I've had THE talk with my girlfriends about how we've become Those Women-- you know, the ones who stash shopping bags in the back of the closet, only to debut them slowly, gently, over time. Nice to find your blog through Modediktat!

  6. Hi Grace!
    How are you doing today?
    Oh i love the way you pose in your photos with so much joy and happiness! So.... girly-girl ;)
    The vest looks amazing with the white top!!!!

    Have a beautiful day!!!

  7. thank you, thank you everyone for such nice comments!! =)

  8. hi grace! i really love your hair in the photos :). and i agree with everyone here about husbands and shopping. i have "secret" packages too. haha



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