Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Shoe for Every Occasion

I have about a thousand pins lining my Pinterest boards just for my shoes wishlist,
yet I'm just as happy clinging to my few faithful pairs.  
Whether you have a few, or a dozen few, or a hundred dozen few (lucky gal!),
we can all admit that wearing a good pair of heels can lift our spirits!
I know it does mine each time!

Heels make my tiny legs look longer and thinner, and encourage me 
to stand and walk in a graceful poise. 
Heels make me happy!   A beautiful pair makes my day! 
My feet may complain after hours of standing in presentations or 
running around the office to attend meetings, but I don't listen to them anyway.

 I worry when my favorite pair of heels reaches the end of its day --
when the suede starts to fray or the sole starts to show wear. 
Whenever this happens to my favorite pair,
things can get a little…emotional. 

I immediately start to reminisce where those shoes took my tiny feet to --   
they’ve braved the cobbled streets while I was in Brazil,  
nearly sprained my ankles while jumping over a puddle in Dallas, 
and that spilt coffee when I was at a client in New Jersey!

 And I wonder if I will ever find a pair as comfortable, perfect, pretty, 
as the pair I'm parting with. 
Taking a deep breath, I know I will. 

And when I start looking, the choice is overwhelming!  
My eyes are immediately zeroing on the sky-high heels.  
But my practical self is yearning the perfect pair of flats for 
when I'm running between terminals at the airport. 
Sure, it makes me a few inches shorter, 
but I can bust some long strides running from an airport terminal to another!

And now that winter's here, we're seeing a lot more boots around. 
Ladies are ditching their dolly summer shoes in exchange for 
the promised warmth of leather boots.    
There are some great pairs of heeled boots on which 
show that boots don’t have to be furry or clunky. 
They can be just as svelte as a pair of heels!

If you’re looking to stay on trend with your next shoe purchase,
With plenty of heels and stylish boots, 
there’s enough there to see you through the season.
And yes, that perfect new pair is just around the corner and only a cart click away!

Trench Dress 9 (b) Trench Dress 9 (d)
                                                            TRENCH DRESSNanette Lepore burgundy trench dress
                                                             CAMI: Missoni for Target cami
                                                             ACCESSORIESChanel reversible logo necklace;  Michael Michael Kors black skinny belt
                                                             SHOES: Prada burgundy patent loafers



  1. G,

    Those red Pradas are to die for! ;) Ako rin I get emotional when I favorite pair gets frayed, masaya naman si hubby para raw mabawasan ang basura sa bahay. Bwahaha! :)

  2. Those Prada loafers are to die for!! so beautiful and timeless! So glad to see you are still blogging! Maury and I relaunched our blog yesterday and we remembered you visited way back :-) we'd love to reconnect so please visit our new site and hope you like it :-)


    Gisela & Maury



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