Thursday, January 3, 2013

NYE 2013 French Bistro Party

I searched high and low for ideas on how to host a French Bistro-themed party.
So if you land on this page by searching for the same topic, hope this helps.


Table setting: 
Hubby created an Eiffel sketch and a chalkboard canvas with the menu written on it.

NYE 2013 - 3  NYE 2013 - 4

Cassoulet D'Artagnan from here (brought by our good friends)
Steak au Poivre
Foie Gras also from D'Artagnan, with apple compote, lava salt, Himalayan pink salt  
(inspired by our recent gastronomic adventure at Per Se)
 Moulet Gratinee
Truffle Pappardelle
Frog Legs
Creme Brulee
French Laundry Cream of Walnut Soup

RAR_1833 RAR_1835

Cheese Menu (Le Fromage!):
Mimolette and Marmalade
Swiss Madrigal
Brie and Fig Jam
Manchego and Membrillo (a repeat of last year's)
RAR_1814 RAR_1819

Party Details:
Personalized glass tags
Wine pairings  
(We're very lucky to have good friends who have an impeecable wine collection!)
For the Kids:
Bought some Disney tables for our little guests and it was such a hit! 
Also made a truffle mac and cheese for them.

RAR_1807 RAR_1811 
 As for our outfits, it was more Michelin star than bistro, LOL! 
Oh well, it made for such fun photos!

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