Sunday, May 5, 2013

On One Condition...

jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa1 jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa4

                  One sunny Saturday afternoon in the Twin Cities:

                                        Hubz:  Do you want to drive downtown to eat? 
                                        Me:  Sure! On one condition -- take my outfit photos. 
                                        Hubz:  Sure.  On one condition -- just at the parking lot. 
                                        Me:  Sure, parking lot.  On one condition -- rooftop! 
                                        Hubz:  Deal. 
                                        Me: Deal.

 jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa2jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa3 

Hubby and I are such polar opposites.    
We make our marriage work by compromise such as above.  
Hard to believe that sometimes, I can be just downright demanding and overly excitable.

jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa5
mulberry alexa dusty pink

                                         A few years ago, that same conversation would have went like this: 

                                          Hubz:  Do you want to drive downtown to eat?                                         
                                          Me:  Sure!!!!  On one condition.  Take my outfit photos on top of a 
                                                  parking lot, overlooking the downtown buildings with the wind 
                                                  sweeping off my hair and making sure the sun not squinting my eyes. 
                                                  I'll be posing one side, hair flipped.  I want a standing shot, 
                                                  walking shot and close-up shot.  You'll need to tell me if my hair 
                                                  is out of place, my posture is slouched or my angle is unflattering.   
                                         Hubz:  I thought it's only one condition?  
                                         Me:  Ah yes, I want coffee before we do all that.

 jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa6 

Clearly, we've gone a long way since. 

jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa8 jbrand - chanel - mulberry alexa7 
                                                                     TOP: Banana Republic zebra print sweater.  Halogen pink halter top. 
                                                                     PANTSJBrand pink skinny jeans. 
                                                                     ACCESSORIESMulberry Alexa in dusty pink.  Chanel necklace.  Prada baroque sunglasses.
                                                                     SHOESChanel patent peep toes in bright orange.

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  1. You guys are so cute! and loved the cardigan

  2. Lovely blog!
    Would you like to follow each other with GFC, Bloglovin' or both? Let me know (:


    1. Thanks! Of course, we can follow each other!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my corner of the blogging world. Great outfit! And I have very similar convo with my hubby too!


  4. Love this look! especially the jacket :)

    x Cammie



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