Thursday, May 16, 2013

Accountability, Shopping and Logic

I can't account for exactly how much shopping I have been doing non-stop the past few weeks.
All I know is that I will have to wear sunglasses when I open my credit card statement next month!
The darker and blurrier those numbers appear, the better.

pink jbrand - chanel - kors flats - mulberry alexa5

Worse yet, I cannot account how I always end up at the checkout lines at Saks Off Fifth and
Nordie's Rack with dozens of items in tow.
It seems I have a habit of apparating there.  Every. Single. Weekend. 
  And never empty-handed, mind you!

 pink jbrand - chanel - kors flats - mulberry alexa4

Therefore, the only logical conclusion to this mysterious phenomenon is this:
If I can't account for any shopping I did, then I am NOT responsible for it.

Whew!  I'm off the hook, thanks to my impeccable logic!

pink jbrand - chanel - kors flats - mulberry alexa3
                                                                     TOP: Halogen
                                                                     JEANS:  Jbrand skinny jeans
                                                                     ACCESSORIESChanel necklace.  Prada baroque sunglasses.
                                                                     BAGMulberry Alexa in dusty pink.
                                                                     SHOESMICHAEL Michael Kors (gifted, thanks Normie!)


  1. I think that same phenomenon accounts for the wine that keeps showing up at my house!

    1. Ryan - I'm with ya! I'll even help you convince Ann to subscribe to the same logic. :D



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