Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday, I carefully laid down the hem of this skirt in front of my laptop screen and clicked Control+X.  
Nothing happened.  Tried it again once more and still nothing....
I was hoping it would cut the hem of this skirt just a tad bit so I can wear this as a proper mini skirt.  
But it did none of that. 
Maybe I have to click Control+A first to select the area I want cut??  
Let me get back to you on that.
Meanwhile here's a not-so-mini mini skirt for y'all until this laptop of mine decides to 
work how I'd like it to work!

 Red Valentino skirt - YSL Palais 5Red Valentino skirt - YSL Palais 4
...I just realized I used my husband's Mac so it really should be Command+X, duh!  
How stupid can I be sometimes.

Red Valentino skirt - YSL Palais 2 Red Valentino skirt - YSL Palais 1 
                                                                     TOP: Banana Republic black sweater. 
                                                                     SKIRT:  RED Valentino 
                                                                     ACCESSORIESAnn Taylor collar necklace.  Mimi di N shell buckle belt
                                                                     SHOESYSL Palais 80 black peep toes.


  1. I think it´s time to see the tailor for the Control/Command X to work. ;)



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