Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tales of the Untruthful Scale

I am so glad my weighing scale is no longer lying to me. 
For the longest time, we have not been in good terms because it's been constantly 
spewing  my weight with and an additional 25 pounds. 
(I do not know why I'm always stuck with gadgets that do not work)

escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo12
escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo8
Anyhow, I must also mention that out of frustration, I distracted myself by
taking up yoga, hot yoga, power Vinyasa and Zumba.
Months after my newfound yoga balance and coordination, I faced my foe once again.
To prepare myself, I did the requisite deep inhale into a mountain pose by its side.
On exhale I bravely stepped onto the scale with my right foot and placed my other foot 
on the inside part of my right leg.   
Simultaneously, I was stretching my arms out wide and bringing the palms together
into a prayer position. 
And before I looked down to see the number, I counted 3...2...1...

escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo7
escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo6
My conclusion: the weighing scale will give you a 12-lb credit if you weight yourself in a
yoga tree position.  Good to know!
 But my journey was far from over.   I had 13 more pounds to go.  
To my dismay, I must have purchased a very intelligent weighing scale because it 
caught on with my yoga antics almost immediately.
After a few weeks, it was hopelessly stuck in that same number.  
To my credit, I did try to weigh myself in a few other poses like the dancer and 
the seated chair  but the darn thing just won't budge.  
(You have no idea how much effort it took to weigh myself in a warrior 3 position and 
not weighing any few pounds lighter for it!) 

escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo5
But I'm not the one to give up easily so on to a few other tricks!  
Did the 14-day diet which worked but I was miserable.   
Did the less-carbs, counting carbs, no-carbs-after-6 but I was even more miserable.   
Also did the 12-hour diet which worked, but I got seriously so 
bloated which also made me very miserable. 
Now I'm down to the last trick ever known to mankind -- eating less.  
So far, the scale is liking it and took off 8 pounds which is why I 
decided to befriend it once again. 
We'll be besties as soon as I finish my journey of the last 5! 

escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo13 
I greatly welcome any of your tips and encouragement in this great endeavor of mine!! 
escada skirt - marc jacobs top - ysl tribtoo4
                                                                     TOP: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
                                                                     SKIRT:  Escada Sport brown pleated skirt
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Heirloom pieces from my mother and mother-in-law. These necklace and bracelets are older than I am!
                                                                                               Shell thrifted necklace. 
                                                                     PURSE Gucci Bardot hobo bag 
                                                                     SHOESYSL Tribtoo in patent brown.


  1. I love your top and your shoes, you got beautiful things I love it. I have been having trouble with my weighing scale here too, I just have started juicing.Why don't you try it ...its a good healthy start check here http://fashionrealm.blogspot.com/2013/04/go-green.html

    1. I have the exact same juicer you have, I should give it a try! :)

  2. I love everything that you´re wearing here! Truth be told I don´t have a weighing scale in the house because I´m afraid to weigh myself, hahaha! I´m still on a weight gain denial, you know. ;)

    By the way, thanks for the Longchamp le Pliage sale info, I think I have to stop collecting because I have already five! Is 83$ the actual sale price? That´s very near the price of the latest Longchamp bag that I bought in Lisbon last year and it wasn´t even on sale.

    1. Che - yes, the $83 is already on sale, normally it's $120. Wow 5!! Goodness, I agree you really don't need any more. :)

  3. My husband did low carb/low sugar (we still pretty much practice that during the week) and he lost and kept of 20 pounds. I completely advocate this as a good, lifestyle change and way to eat more vegetables!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. I was forced to do the same when 2 of my wisdom teeth were extracted, it does work! Now to sustain it is my biggetst prob as I seem to love pasta and dessert too much! :(



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