Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Symptoms of VitaMinn S3 Deficiency

My own wild and weird imagination will be the fall of me.
I worry too much, and sometimes even lose sleep because I cannot seem to reconcile 
the art of shopping and the science of the universe.
jlo skirt - mango cream top - gucci suede pumps2 
...I mean what if the earth loses gravity and everything is upside down, 
would my shoes look good worn in my head?

...Do you ever get curious about human  life forms in other planets and wonder if they like Prada too?

...Have you ever seriously thought about  the concept of an infinite open space?  
I worry if there are enough shoes in the universe to fill it up coz it won't look good empty.

...And the worst of my worries and my ultimate nightmare:  a zombie apocalypse -- 
because ghoulish green, bloody red and gray undertones does nothing for my skin tone!

jlo skirt - mango cream top - gucci suede pumps3 
Ah that's why I should never skip my medication.   
Excuse me as I take a healthy dose of my vitaMinn S3.   
S3 as in shopping, shoes and Saks Fifth Avenue.  

After this Gucci suede pumps, Prada Sport bow pumps and this lovely Chloe Paraty
I'm sane again.  
Winner winner chicken dinner! 
jlo skirt - mango cream top - gucci suede pumps1
                                                                     TOP: MNG by Mango cream top  
                                                                     SKIRT:  JLo Collection for Kohls.  Last worn here                                                      
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Gold collar necklace.  Only $2.89 from eBay here. (Spray with clear Krylon to avoid tarnish.)
                                                                     SHOES:  Gucci 'Betty' suede platform pumps in paprika.   Still available here.  More colors here

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