Friday, May 24, 2013

Easy No-Sew DIY: Rolled-up Clutch with Chain Belt

This DIY is so easy it borderlines on silly. 
But a promise is a promise so I'll share it anyway.
 It's basically just 3 easy steps:

chanel chain clutch DIY
 First, I tried to find a rectangular piece of cloth that I could upcycle and found this old crochet bag. 
I suppose a pillowcase would work for this too.

chanel chain clutch DIY2
Then, I turned it inside out and rolled it...

chanel chain clutch DIY3

I then looped the chain belt around and voila!

chanel chain clutch DIY4
And here's how I styled it. 
More photos from this post here.

chanel clutch DIY - purple 7fam - dries van noten pumps7

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