Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travelogue: London, Bath, Windsor & Stonehenge


England will always have a special place in my heart. It was the very first trip the hubz and I took together back in '04. We had such a blast then and vowed to come back. We managed to keep that promise and now after 5 years, we are back!

-- mini: AE -- jacket: Target -- scarf: Benneton -- boots: Hot Kiss --

This time, we wanted to cover a few cities in the London outskirts. I didn't want to stress myself doing all the planning myself (this is an anniversary trip afterall), so I just booked a tour for us. For $125, we covered three attractions all in one day: Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor. The rest of our stay, we window shopped and day dreamed along Bond and New Bond streets, ate fish & chips, watched West End shows and experienced a Topshop overdose.

With its steep history and fabulous citizens, I cannot get enough of England! I enjoyed it so much and so we vow to be back again here. Hopefully, sooner than 5 years.

Windsor CastleWindsor0


West End
London Stonehenge Bath Windsor1
-- dress: Prairie New York -- ruffle cardigan: Banana Republic --
-- belt:
Oscar by Oscar dela Renta -- thigh-high boots:
Nine West --


And with this ends my Paris/London adventure posts. We had such a blast and felt like we stepped out of our normal lives and lived stree-free for a full 7 days. It was such a good break and felt so blessed for the opportunity!

If you haven' done so already, please join my Paris giveway here. It's still open for a few more days and a winner will be picked on my next post. =)

Have a happy mid-week everyone!


  1. That last photo is so perfect! That being said, I loved every single other one you posted. And I adore that dress you're wearing! And $125 - that's amazing. I'd love to see all these places, lucky, lucky you :) And do show us your Topshop snags!

  2. Sounds like your trip was pretty amazing...alteast the pics sure are!

  3. Oh, I miss England!! London is a place I would love to live.

    I thought Bath was such a beautiful town.

  4. such great pictures! i have only been to london once, but i loved it -- so much history and wonderful architecture.

  5. amazing! I would love to go and see that!!

  6. I've seen the bath and the famous stonehenge on TV before and I thought they were amazing and full of history. I always wanted to visit London. If ever I can go to England, it is probably the first one on the list. I already looked at your pictures at least three times now.

    As usual, you know how to dress up very well. You're husband is very lucky. You have a cute smile. I seem to always smile on pictures too instead of a serious face lol.

  7. oh ! I've been to bath last yaer ! It is so beautiful ! And it is amazing to see how hot is the water !!!

  8. The water in the 1st 2 photos is so tempting. I feel like diving on it, lol! I'm too curios about Stonehenge,the rocks are gigantic.Paano kaya nila nilagay ang mga yun?

    London and it's castles and palaces are definitely on top of my travel wish list. Hope to visit it someday.

    Love your Topshop jacket, the silk dress and that bling on it.;)

    Anyway, for a 7- day trip comprising 2 beautiful cities, I would still be reeling from it until now. Lucky you!

    Sarap mag-ikot,no? ;) Have a nice day, G!

    PS: I would highly recommend traveling around Castile and Leon region when you visit Spain. Segovia, Avila, Salamanca is part of this region and a must see. :)

  9. Happy sweet thursday to the one and only world traveller and now Alaia model, Grace!!!

    Sitting at the moment in front of Dad´s laptop at my parents home because my internet router at my home is out of order... perfect in time... Martina without internet is tragical ;) ... but so I was able to visit my parents this afternoon and my mom was already awaiting me with coffee and cakes ;)

    You lucky girl also went for some days to the UK. So lovely to read you spent your time with your husband at these "special places for you"!!!

    How magical is especially the very last photo?
    Could be taken directly from a book of fairytales and princess Grace is waiting for her
    chosen one;)
    You look gorgeous as always and I love the name of your boots, Miss Kiss Kiss!

    Just one day until you meet Kat!HAVE TOOOOONS OF FUN!!!!

    And Kiss Kiss from ..
    me ;)

  10. Hey Grace,

    Love the photos :)
    next time you should let me know so we can meet!
    I love your outfits!!!!!

    Have a nice day chick!xxx

  11. Awesome pictures. So jealous of this trip.

  12. Amazing pictures, as always!
    That last shot is definitely my favorite.

  13. So beautiful! It makes me want to drop everything and visit England right away! These pictures are AMAZING! I don't know if you've mentioned this before in your blog, but what kind of camera do you use?!

    Glad to see you had so much fun!! :)

  14. Gorgeous photos! I would love to go to England one day. I read enough about it in books and watch about it enough in movies. Hehe!

  15. Beautiful - this is England in optima forma!

  16. as usual... your photos are SO great. i love the windsor castle one especially

  17. wow! am dying with jealousy here looking at your photos.
    It really looks amazing.

    i wanna go there someday. One of my dream destinations.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  18. Happy Halloween to you, Senorita Grace ;)


    I´m sure you´ll look beautiful as a spanish Senorita!
    As a little child I went once to carnival as a gypsy girl. One of my best friends told me years later she was so scared on that day. I had Kastanietten in my hands, long gypsy earrings and with my long dark hair and tanned face ... maybe... she was right ;)
    I´ll send you a photo ... I guess I have it somewhere!


  19. Hiii Grace!! <3 The dent is fixed and I can now drive again.

    I'm so jealous of all the traveling you do! One day, I aspire to go EVERYWHEREEE!


  20. Hi Grace,

    I've been meaning to stop by to comment on your post. I've been really busy with work and having fun (as you can see on my blog) so I haven't had time to reply to your comment.

    To answer a few of your questions, I was really scared when I was on the jet ski. I was mostly scared about falling off and I hated riding at high speed. The wind hits your face pretty hard which is really uncomfortable. As for parasailing, it was really relaxing and I wasn't scared at all. Both activities were great experiences. I probably won't go jet skiing ever again cause it's pretty scary and my body was really sore the next day, but parasilling was a lot of fun.

    I'm definitely enjoying my time in Australia but I'm also very homesick so I'm looking forward to coming home for the holidays. Traveling is fun but it's not that fun when you do everything by yourself :(

    These pictures are beautiful, Grace. Tell your husband I think he's a great photographer. The last picture of London is gorgeous. The scenery is unreal and the colours are really rich. The Bath looks amazing! It's really awesome that you and your husband had the opportunity to visit London again after all these years. It looks like you guys really enjoyed yourself and I'm glad to hear that it was a stress-free as well.

    I hope you're having a nice weekend, Grace. I also wanted to say thank you for always stopping by and leaving some of the sweetest comments. You're a really great friend, and it's so nice to read your comments. Wishing you all the best.


  21. Beautiful! You look fantastic in each of those shots.

    Thanks for your kind note on my guest post on DreamSequins!

    * Kelsey

  22. Thank you all for the comments!! =)

  23. That's so funny. The hubs and I were just talking about how bad we wanted to go to London this weekend. You've only furthered my desire lady. Fabulous pics!

  24. it's an amaizing place ^.^

  25. yey! you went to bath too! :) i remember feeling so relaxed and refreshed when we went there a few years back. truly felt like a step back to the past. awesome pictures! makes me want to go on a vacay NOW! ;)

  26. amazing, you are a lucky girl. Gorgeous pics

  27. WOW.....Those pictures are amazing!!!! So jealous! Love your dress in the last outfit pic!

  28. Thank you all for the sweetest comments!! =)

    @Kristin - you guys should go!!

  29. Gorgeous images! I've always wanted to visit Stonehenge but never got quite that far! I did go to Bath when I was about 10 years old, so unfortunatley I don't really remember much of that... but your pics are definitely helping! Adore London (even more than Paris)... that photo is beautiful... where was it taken? I'm glad you had such a wonderful time :) That dress you're wearing is stunning by the way!

  30. omgggggggggggggggggg i LOVE stonehenge, and london, and the fuzzy hats the guards wear!!! i lived in england for my study abroad program!! so much fun. bath is the best!!!! great great picssss so vivid, you're making me miss it!!!



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