Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Series of Coincidental 7s

For 7 years, we've slow danced and shared many memorable adventures traveling to 17 countries. To celebrate our 7th anniversary, we'll be going away for 7 days and hopefully add a few more cities to bring our list to a total of 77!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!



    Ahhh Grace... I don´t not where to start!!!
    Thanks so much for always leaving your wonderful enchanted comments!

    And now I see you 2 sweethearts here in about 4 minutes travelling around the world, enjoying the beautiful cities and landscapes ...
    It starts with such a sweet photo of your wedding!!

    Next time... I´m sure I´ll see you playing tennis ON the court in Key Biscayne ;)

    And you lucky girl are now on the way to Paris! BON VOYAGE!!!
    Enjoy the city with your husband and have wonderful 7 days of your life

    "Colette" is located at Rue Saint Honoré: the street is very long (there is the part with Chloe, Givenchy, Hermes, Lanvin and you have to cross the street to walk further along this street to find this store.

    The Department Store "Le Bon Marche" is one of my fav stores in Paris!;)

    Lots of hugs to youuu

  2. woooooo that is spooky!! i love little coincidences like that ;)


  3. Wow Grace. I didn't know you and your husband do some much traveling together. That's really awesome. My boyfriend and I always talk about traveling the world together after we're finish school and have a little more disposable income. I really like the video slideshow that you put together and it was really nice seeing all the beautiful pictures from all the places you guys travel.

    I really hope you enjoy your 7 day getaway, Grace! Have a great time celebrating your anniversary and do shower us with pictures when you get back!


    P.S. Seven is my favourite number. I was immediately drawn to this post because of the number :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating our seventh this December!! So wonderful that you've traveled to so many places.

  5. Oh my,I'm still speechless seeing those gorgeous pictures of the 2 of you together. 17 countries! Now that's an accomplishment.:) Bon voyage on your trip to Paris! ;) The hubby and I are also planning to go there soon. I've only been to the South of France and at Lourdes last year. France is so beautiful.

  6. Hello Grace!
    Have a safe flight and a joyful trip with your husband!!!!

    GOOD NIGHT to you!

    P.S.: Haute World has some amazing Paris shopping tips in her blog:

  7. Grace, I can't believe you're going to Paris. I am so jealous. I've always dreamed of going there. I will one day! I hope you have an amazing time! I know you guys will take great pictures and I really can't wait to see them. Safe travels and take care, Grace. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back.


  8. Wow you are the WORLD TRAVEELER! And I think this is just romantic and a bright light of brilliance, I hope you guys have fun, have more adventures and discover more of what the world and life has to offer.

  9. omg, grace!
    i love watching the video!
    how i envied you so much.
    man, you travelled so many countries!!!!
    that's good enjoy your life while baby # hasn't arrived!
    not to mention, your lovey dovey is so cute ha.

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  11. I really love your video!
    You two look soo cute ! And 17 countries wauw !!
    Enjoy Paris !
    I know you will, it's magnifique !
    Do you like Europe?

  12. OOooooh So maybe subjective BUT I Frankly like the "7" number's slightly whispering vibrancy, . . . which is full of such an affective relevancy with you !!!
    I warmly wish you a nice trip Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  13. And that is why it is named: lucky number seven! May it last forever!

  14. I love seeing happy people this is amazingly sweet congrats

    you are so pretty big sis
    like incredibly beautiful
    it looks so magical
    and 7 is totally your lucky number!!!
    you've been to 77 cities?!!?! thats so cool!!!
    i loved the little slide show
    take lots of pics!!

  16. Awww! Congrats on number 7! Love the photos in the previous posts..great shots!

  17. lovely-my bf and I have been together 7 years and his lucky number is 17 xx

  18. GRACE<3! This is sooooooo cute and I totally turned into a big fat puddle of mush after watching this! :)

    And I was right! It's $300 bucks ughh. Totally putting a dent in my shopping sprees. And you're too sweet! It's the thought that counts because if I was rich...I'd...totally ask Verizon to start carrying it? LOL. I'm still debating if I want an iPhone. I wouldn't have internet on it so I'm thinking there's no point in having one if I can't use the apps.


  19. happy anniversarry! =)

  20. Thank you dear friends for the lovely comments here while I was away! I will be visiting your blogs beginning tonight!! Can't wait to see any posts I missed! =)

  21. Happy anniversary. Wow, 7 years! :)




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