Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Paris Top 10

(Sorry for the long post, guys. This is the last of the picture overload, I promise!! =)

1. Eiffel from Avenue d'Eylau

2. Eiffel from Trocadero
-- mini dress: Diane von Furstenberg -- beret: Banana Republic --- jacket: Target --
-- scarf: Benneton --

3. Eiffel from a secret alleyRAR_4532

4. Eiffel lit up

5. Eiffel from Champs de Mars

6. Arc de Triomphe at night

7. Parc de Monceau

8. Haute Cuisine!
Day4 - Lauduree3
Breakfast at Laduree - the hot cocoa was so rich, the truffles omellete was so expensive but the macarons were the best!

Day4 - Le Safran1
Four-course meal at Le Safran

Day4 - Lardoise1
Three-course dinner at L'ardoise. I will definitely go back for the escargot and the foie gras! I tried foie gras before here in the US but didn't like it as much. I guess the French really do know best how to cook their own cuisine!

Steak au poivre at Chez Omar. It was not the best cut of meat but the sauce was so good we cleaned our plates, and I mean CLEAN!

9. Consignment shops
Reciproque - this was my least favorite of the three. Went to all their 5 stores on Rue de la Pompe but I found each one to be overstocked that you can hardly move around, and overpriced too.
Chercheminippes - my fave! This is where I found a really nice Givenchy skirt for so cheap! I regretted not staying here longer and buying more. They have so many Hermes scarves for €110 all in mint condition, an Anna Sui wool jacket for €90 and Isabel Marant sweaters for €30! It's also very well organized and not too overstocked that you could actually still move the hangers.
Catherine B - great selection if you're in the market for Chanel jackets (€700 and up) or vintage Hermes bags (saw a Kelly for €2500).

10. Alaia Stock Shop
When I first read about the Alaia adventures of the lovely and classy Thien of A Pinch of Style, I knew I had to include it in our Paris itinerary.

I was not as lucky as her and didn't have an interaction with the genius himself but I did have a 5-second glimpse of him as he walked out from the stock shop (right door) carrying what must have been a dozen or so black dresses.

When I buzzed at the stock shop door, nobody answered. I waited for a few minutes at the courtyard and was told that they're closed for the day. My heart sank. I didn't print the address of the boutique because I know it would be way too pricey for me so I just gave up and went to a consignment shop right around the corner.

When I came back, intending to take pictures and document my sorrow, the door was open to my surprise! They were were open for a few minutes because some rich madam sent for her assistant to pick up a few items. I mustered the most pleading smile my face could conjure and asked, err begged the SA if I could browse around and she gladly said yes and then closed the door behind me. I felt so lucky!! I must have been a good girl that day to deserve such twist of fate!

There were so many lovely items there. Although they're from the previous season, they're all steeply discounted! Well, except for the dresses that I wanted! At about €1500 (and that's after the markdown, mind you!), I'd have to give up 3 Google shares just to snag one. The hubz revolted against the very idea and so, I settled for the shoes. But hey, settling for the second best has never been this sweet! Just check out these lovely beauties and the beautiful box they came in with!


* * *

And that marks the end of my Paris adventure!

To share my happiness, I'm giving away this Oct issue of the French Vogue, a taupe scarf and a Tower London key chain. Why the key chain? Coz that's what my next blog is about, London!
Simply leave a comment here for random drawing next week.
Friends from outside the US: Should you win, I can only send the scarf and the key chain, sorry! The mag is so thick and heavy...


Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Hi Grace. Wow, I really enjoyed this post. Probably one of my favourites by you. The pictures are exceptional. I really like the first picture, following the second with you in it :) Love your outfit as well, esp the big scarf and your french hat. You look like you fit right in in Paris. What's the weather like during this time of the year? It is fall as well?

    Your husband took some really nice pictures! I'm just so impressed. The night pictures at Arc de Triomphe is beautiful. The food also looks delicious. I would love to try some of that escargot at L'ardoise. I think I'm gonna save this post for future reference, in case I ever go to Paris, I'll have a few places to check out.

    And lastly, the shoes are lovely. I can't wait to see you in them. And the box for it is also really nice. Do you keep your shoes in their box or do you have a shelf for them?

    Ooohh, the giveaway sounds great too. I hope I'm your winner! I would love to have a copy of French Vogue. Seems so unreal to me. Well Grace, this was a really great post. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Love the pictures and really enjoyed reading about your trip. Hope you're having a good weekend.


  2. Oooohhh, this is the end of your wonderful Paris adventure... that´s somehow sad ;)

    You always know how to enchant with your posts, Grace!!!
    LOOOOVE love love your Top10 of Paris.
    All the Eiffel photos are AWESOME!!!
    And your story about the Alaia Stock shop. I visited this store about 2 years ago and was so in love with a few dresses but unfortunately the prices were still so high... CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SHOE PURCHASES!!!! How cute is the little bow and black is always beautiful!
    Both shoes seem to be a lifetime investment piece.

    MINNEAPOLIS... keep your eyes open.. Grace is back from Paris with 2 beautiful Alaia pumps ;)

    Had to smile about the french Vogue as I bought the same mag at the airport ;)... Everytime I´m at the airport I simply have to buy fashion mags from other countries ... Russian Vogue, Nippon Vogue... no matter if I can really read them :)

    Wishing you a relaxing weeknd with your husband!!!
    Hugs & Kisses to you (and Kat... a big yeah for another photo shoot ;)


  3. Wow, sorry to be out of the blog loop this week! I'm in awe...these pictures make me want to go back. So beautiful. And the Alaias! My jaw dropped...they're gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! I don't think anybody minds about the amount of pics! More please!

  4. thanks for your comment. the more you put pictures, the more i want to go there. it is nice to see the eiffel tower in different ways although just in pics. you are so chic wearing that black outfit with a hat. all those food looks so yummy. Great shoes even the boxes are so in fashion. im always looking forward to your next blog entries.

  5. Ohhhh lucky girl! A pair of beautiful Alaia shoes! What a wonderful souvenir of your trip to Paris! :) Shoes- the gift that keep on giving. Wouldn't you agree?

  6. Gooooo Morning, Grace
    or in "Kat-terms":
    Hello to Miss "World Traveler and now Alaia model, Grace" ;)

    Ahh, it´s you and your sweet comments... they delighted my sunday here!

    I hope to find the time to do a first post about some shopping in Milan lately tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful relaxing sunday!!!!
    Hugs ;)

  7. Sounds like a fabulous Paris trip- those shoes are beautiful and love the box they came in too!

    x ws x

  8. Seriously perfect photos! I've seen so much (photos) of Paris but these amazed me! So gorgeous!

  9. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog :) It was nice to hear from someone I havent encountered...
    Are you a filipina? You have a beautiful smile :)

    I love your blog! and I want to ask if you want to swap links? Thanks for the comment too!
    Primark is one of my fav shops here in london!
    Whereabouts are u fxrom?
    Hope to hear from u soon!

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, dear. What a glamorous trip! You look lovely as well. I adore that Target jacket in the first outfit photo and I am lusting over your gold belt in the second outfit photo. You have such classy style.
    Oh my gosh and all that delicious-looking food has made me feel faint. LOL. I'm so glad you had fun!!

  11. awesome pics looks like you had fun! i really should go i have never been xxx

  12. Hi grace :)

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)
    really much appreciated!
    I will add you now too...
    Btw, I am from cavite too! I am from Molino but originally from paranaque :p

    have a nice day!xxxxxxx

  13. Hello,G!

    I'll definitely put Chercheminippes in my store to visit when I go to Paris.I hope I can afford the prices with my tiny allowance,hahaha!

    The food looks so delicious (and yes, expensive too)kahit sa bundok ng France, the prices are still steep.

    Drooling on your shoes even just by looking only at the shoe boxes. You look so Parisienne with your outfits.Oooh lalala! ;)

    Lovely photography especially on the Eiffel and the park. Your hubby takes gorgeous photos.

    I hope I'll get lucky and win the scarf and key chain.;)

    Have a beautiful week, ahead!

    PS: There's an Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona too but I think the sculpture/carving is different.

  14. Hi!!
    I have found your blog bacause i saw in another blog your commentaire!are you dressing like a spanish señorita in halloween??how is it??I would lobve to see it!!i´ll follow your blog!xoxo

  15. 4 is my fav...have a great week you too ^.^

  16. WOW, the sights...the food...your clothes. Eye candy galore. Beautiful post. Just added to my longing for Paris!

  17. Alaia always makes me think of Clueless!!!

    So many breathtaking photos of Paris!! The Eiffel Tower all illuminated brings tears to my eyes it's so gorgeous.

  18. Eek! Those shoes are bea-u-ti-ful!!! And you are picture perfect in that 2nd shot! And the food....oh my, sigh...
    You'll have to show us the fabulous items you snagged from the consignment shop :)
    What a fabulous trip you two had, I can't wait to see/hear about London!!!

  19. hi! randomly stumbled onto your blog from "life or something like it"! and i'm glad i did! very lovely photos, thank you for sharing your trip with us all! would you like to trade links?

  20. Helloooo Grace!

    Hugs to youuu!!

    P.S.: Did you know what I realized? Mietzekatze was produced in ... MINNEAPOLIS... that´s what the tag at the back says...;)

  21. Beautiful photos. And LOVE those shoes. I have a pair of Alaia shoes and I treasure the box too!

  22. You look gorgeous! I love your scarf and hat!

    All of these pictures are just amazing, especially the ones of the Eiffel Tower. Stunning! I must visit there some day!

  23. beautiful pictures, grace! sooo jealous and i want to go back to paris.. NOW!!!!! :)

    ah i die for those alaias! great choices! can't wait for the outfit pics!!

  24. Hello!! thanks for your visit!! I loooove Paris! it is so beautiful!! all your pics are so pretty!! and I love your outfit! love the dress with the belt and the boots, perfect!! Kisses!

  25. Always so beautiful! I will go one day.

  26. wow, you are an amazing photographer! beautiful shots, consignment stores, i need to be going to paris with you next time around!

  27. Ohhhh my !! so so many posts I've missed out but I really love love this post !

    And overwhelming photos,I love love it:) Adore the those photos of the Eiffel tower. I would love to go if I ever had a chance<3 <3

    And you're going London next ?!! So so cool !

  28. Thank you all for the lovely comments! =)

    @Malina - I'm unable to leave a message on your blog but thank you so much for dropping by here!! =)

  29. all the photos are gorgeous and so do you and your man!!! Oh btw, the pleather dress is from a store name Agaci's!!!

  30. don't apologize for the picture overload - i love it, keep them coming!! (i'll live vicariously through you) you look so lovely =)

  31. Hi darling!!!

    omg. it looks sooo tempting.... I want to go to paris... alaia... love it!!!!

    how long were you there for?\


  32. Beautiful pics!
    and you looks adorable with the beret!!

  33. Hi there! Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Martina actually told me you had seen the Vogue exhibit as well ;-) Love all these pics and the food looks amazing! Oh, and I completely agree with your consignment shop assesment... Reciproque is a nightmare to browse, but the others are quite well-stocked.

    Thanks for the Alaia info as well. I've never actually managed to get there yet. Did you have to ring a bell to get to the courtyard as well?

  34. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This post made me so happy. I didn't like Paris much when I went, but the next time I'll include some things from this post and I'm sure I'll love it.

  35. fabulous shots of paris...although i have never been there, i could actually feel all the chicness oozing out of your pics....and the food...OMG....i am bowled over!

  36. ooh, your pictures are amazing!! and the "intro" is so right, mpls is a scary place to live. i live it

  37. Your beautiful Paris pics (esp the Eiffel Tower ones) put mine to shame!! These are breathtaking!

  38. Thanks for the comments guys!! They really made me smile! =)

  39. omggggggggggg you are so cute!!!!!!! i love that one with you in front of the eiffel!!! anddddddddd omg i think my jaw just dropped at the second picture of the arc de triumph. omgggggggggggggggggg you took that picture!?!??!?!?!??!?!?! its soooooooooo cool. i just saved it right now. so pretttyyyyyy.
    anddddd alaia omggg the first time i heard about alaia was in the movie clueless hahahahaha where cher tells the robber that she can't sit on the floor because she's wearing an alaia dress hahahahahah such pretty shoes you got!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Thanks for all of your Paris posts! It is a shame about Reciproque because that was the top stop on my list. I'll have to go to Catherine B for sure!
    What's not to like about food and shopping right?
    I meant to email you but can't find your email address. I only have 2 days in Milan. I'll likely go to Foxtown in Switzerland (not sure whether to rent a car or take the shuttle) and we will of course see the Duomo. You also recommended the Last supper tour. Anything else for a day (including food!)? I'm at cncliving {at} if that is easier.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living



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