Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wool Wedding Anniversary

Lots of pix! Apologies if it slows down your browser....

2-22-1To Upload
-- dress: Yigal Azrouel -- cami: The Limited --- watch: Fendi --
-- peep toe shoes:
Manolo Blahnik Nous --

If 'love at first sight' only happens in fairy tales, then I must have lived my own fairy tale.

Nine years ago, I met a dashing small town boy in Kansas. Right at the very front door when I first saw him, I just somehow knew he's gotta be THE one. And I didn't have to wait too long to know that he too felt the same.

Several minutes later when our gaze crossed, I smiled him a big smile, then shyly lowered my gaze. When I looked up to meet his gaze again, he was still smiling back. It seemed like the world stopped for five minutes right at that very moment and no one else mattered.

6-26-17-2IMG_770311RAR_2920To Upload1
-- wrap top: Diane von Furstenberg -- jeans: Lucky Brand --- sandals: Saks 5th Ave --

Fast forward nine years and we're now celebrating this week our 7th year anniversary!

Nine years together and 7 years married but still as silly as two lovebirds can be! We still AIM each other sweet nothings even when we're next to each other! We still hold hands with the left thumb over the right declaring that it means "heart over mind"! We still give each other little nose kisses and reply back "I love you" when the other says "thank you".

8IMG_7585IMG_78139-39-1To Upload2

To my dearest, darlingest Hon, I love you so dearly!
Thank you for our 7 years together.
They are the best 7 years of my life and looking forward to 70 more!!


Special thanks to our friend Faye and her hubby Chris for all these photos! Faye's not only a very talented budding photographer but also a very hardworking personal shopper!
If you need anything from Coach bags to Lacoste shoes, just email her and she'll gladly hunt it for you!

Thanks Faye, thanks Chris!!

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  1. Aw that's so cute!
    Great pictures!

  2. Congrats! You two are adorable.

  3. congratulations! these photos are beyond beautiful =)

  4. That is the sweetest thing i'd ever heard...congratulation!!!

  5. these are beautiful pictures! congratulations :D

  6. You make such a beautiful couple!! love all the pictures! really beautiful! congratulations!! kisses!!

  7. Hello, Grace!

    Happy 7th anniversary! You're such a pretty couple and those pictures are so sweet. Love is definitely all around the 2 of you! :)

    Loving that DVF wrap top and the choker. ;)

    The photography is awesome. It's like taking your prenup pictures once again.

    Btw, yes,my hubby is Spanish. He pops out once in a while in my entries but he hates reading my blog.lol! We've just celebrated our 2nd year last May.

  8. Aaaww Grace super cute pictures! my favorite is the second pic.. you guys look so in love and content..=) I love your brown draped dress from your older pic too! plus the background is very nice..

    ps.. will def make a list for you! I've lots of stores and resto/dessert shops to recommend..=)

  9. Hello Grace!

    Aah, I´m melting away... the pictures of you and your husband are
    beyond beauty! So cuuuuuuteeee... I enjoyed every single picture of you
    2 sweethearts and to read the "story behind your relationship"!!!

    Is there a special meaning for "wool wedding"? Never heard of the term before ;)
    I´ m sure you two continue having the best in life with each other


    Enjoy your special day!!!

    The weather is so warm today... the sun is not shining but we have over 21°C!;)

    P.S.: You are too sweet! Thanks for saying hello to Kat!;)

    Lots of hugs to youuu...

  10. hi grace!!
    these are awesome pictures! congratulations on your anniversary! we all know how it can sometimes be tough but we wouldn't have it any other way :)

    many more years ahead!!


  11. aaw you little love birds! congratulations and the bestest luck for hte next eighty years ;)


  12. How adorable and romantic! I wish you both many many more fantastic years to come. And the photography is beautiful

  13. 7 years of beautiful marriage together! congratulations miss vitaminn style! this is fabulous and such an inspiration to me. thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. i wish you both the very best - it is clear you are both mean to be.
    big hugs

  14. Gorgeous photos. You and your hubby are such an adorable couple. It's lovely to see a couple so happy and in love after all those years. Congratulations on the anniversary!

  15. Congrats girl and your story is so so touching !!!Stunning and gorgeous photos all of them:))

    Always so happy to see a couple so madly in love even after years of marriage:) Wishing you 100 more beautiful years to come<3 <3

    I'm so sorry I'm not been keeping up with your posts here. heeee but not anymore girl,got to have you on my blogroll right now !

  16. Congrats! THat's wonderful. Lovely shots, too!

  17. Thank you all for the well wishes!!

    @Martina - wool is the traditional gift that must be given when celebrating 7th year. We don't always follow it but just a cute idea! ;)

  18. Happy Anniversary you two!!! This year (in Jan) was our 7th as well :) These photos are amazing. I love the way you two gaze at each other - there's so much love and happiness there. I wish everyone I know could have that.
    We've never followed the wedding anniversary gifts but I recently heard of a couple who did and they had such fun ideas...made we want to get all traditional ;)

    LOL, S takes Tums...does that work as well as Pepto? And you're right...I'm not the quiet type at all among friends...more when I'm among strangers or just feel uncomfortable. But stick me with a group I know and I get pretty chatty and say things I probably shouldn't...you may think my tall glass of water is really vodka. But I don't drink so of course it's just natural drunken like behaviour :)

    Happy, happy anniversary you guys! Wishing you the very best this life has to offer!

  19. Hello Grace!
    You are such a sweetheart!
    Thanks for letting me know. Did you know that celebrating 7th years means here in Germany "copper wedding"? I have to be honest with you... I would prefer also the "wool wedding" sounds somehow sweeter and nicer to me than "copper" ;)

    Enjoy your day with your family, Grace!!!

  20. Happy Anniversary Ils and Ryan!:)

    More years to come!:)

    Till our next photo opps!:)

  21. ahw I'm reading your story with a smile on my face!
    Congrats ! You 2 look so perfect together.
    Beautiful pictures
    And thank for you sweet comment !

  22. Lovely pics! And I could load them quite fast actually. :D

  23. Lovely pictures!!
    You are a beautiful couple!!!

  24. You guys are so adorable! I love these pics they totally made me smile...Congrats, may you have a lifetime of happiness!!! I love it!

  25. You are such a beautiful couple. Congratulations!

  26. Grace, these pictures are so magical. They remind me of mine and Jon’s photo shoot over the summer. Congratulations to the both of you on 7 years of marriage! I’m so happy for you, Grace. I really enjoyed reading about when you two first met and it’s amazing how you knew right away that he was “the one.” The pictures are truly lovely! You guys look so happy together. I feel inspired and encourage after looking at these pictures. They’re really amazing. Thank you for sharing these pictures with all of us and I hope you two enjoy your anniversary celebration.

    Also, thank you for passing my message along to Kat. I really appreciate it. I think she made a wise decision to focus on her studies and take a break from blogging. She is truly missed though.

    Thank you for the tip to help seasickness. I’ll definitely look into getting some Bonine before I head out to sea again. If I go through with this sailing trip, I’ll need everything that will help remedy the sickness.

    Once it gets cooler, you should definitely rent Season 1 of Cashmere Mafia and Season 1 and 2 of Lipstick Jungle if you like shows like Sex and the City. There’s only a couple of seasons so it won’t take long to watch and there’s no pressure to follow the whole series since it got cancelled. I like these kind of shows cause it’s more mature and the fashion is a lot more high-end. As oppose to shows like OC and Gossip Girls.

    It’s Friday in Australia which is my day off. I’ve had a long and busy week so I might just stay home today and catch up on blogs. My internet has been really slow so it’s been hard for me to reply to comments. Also wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments, Grace. I hope your week ends well and enjoy the weekend.


  27. wow so sweet! You two are darling! Congrats on your fairytale!!

  28. Good morning, Grace!
    Did I mention before you are such a sweetheart!;)
    Kat must be the luckiest girl because of knowing you as a friend
    in the same city!
    She was so sweet and sent me a post. Please give her a little hug
    from me and wish her all the best and gooood luck!!!

    Happy friday to you and your husband!!!!!

  29. awwwwwwwwwwww you guys are adorable!!! congrats to the both of you!! xo

  30. These are such gorgeous pictures! You too look perfect together!

  31. Lovely photos! especially the black and white ones :) you two look so very happy together! Happy Anniversary!!

  32. Hi Grace! :) Oh I know, never do manual labor again for them. It was horrendous.

    I believe it's going to be more than $100. It'll probably be closer to $300, which is unfortunate. My car got hit pretty bad and the cameras didn't detect anything. Thanks for the message though! It made me feel better <3

    As for your post, I'm so in awe! I'm such a commitment phob even though I'm only 21. I get all freaked out since the divorce rates are crazy now and day. It's lovely to know that there are people in strong, loving relationships. Your pictures are beautiful and I aspire to have a long lasting relationship like yours!


  33. Thank you all so much!! The hubby and I are smiling ear to ear reading all your lovely comments!! =)

    @The Man Who Knew Too Much - glad to hear they loaded up fast!

  34. Congratulations! You look so happy and cute!!


    these pictures are so amazing
    i can totally feel the connection between you two from the pictures, by the way you two look at each other and look together!!!
    its amazing, you two make a great couple, beautiful inside and out!!!
    and i loved that story
    its soooo romantic and touching. its seriously just like a fairy tale! did you know when you guys first met? its like looking back you can see all the signs and that all the special gazes were really important!!!
    i want a fairy tale like that too!!!

  36. Aw, you guys are cute!

  37. First of all, these pictures are beautiful! The photographer is absolutely amazing and you and your husband are positively glowing in each shot...even MORE so than usual! And second of all, thank you for sharing that sweet, sweet story! It's so wonderful to hear that true love and romance still exists!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

  38. Somehow I missed this post!!! So sweet! Happy anni to you and hubby. Loved reading your story and seeing the pictures of you together. Love this :)

  39. wow, 7 seven years! congratulations! the photos are beautiful :)



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