Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Other Twin

-- drape dress: BCBG -- layering top: Forever 21 --- necklace: Banana Republic --
--sunnies: Fendi -- pumps: Jimmy Choo --

We had the honor to be godparents of our good friend's baby boy last Sunday. The baby baptism was held in St. Paul, the twin sister city of Minneapolis!

While I'll be forever fiercely loyal to Minneapolis (for obvious reasons as it bears the name of this blog!), St. Paul had the honor to be the state's capital. The pics here are taken in front of the State Capitol and at the Basilica of St. Paul.


My weeklong absence here (and from visiting your blogs) is because I was feeling so uninspired the past week. I felt so down hearing about the devastating typhoon that hit Manila, and reading about the heart-breaking accounts of some of the victims. Style, fashion & shopping were shoved at the very back of my head.

I'm so thankful to God for keeping my family safe. Apart from one of my sisters who had a minor property damage, everyone's all safe and ok. However, thousands of families had a completely different fate. Their lives completely changed in a day.

I am so thankful to all my friends here who responded to the call for help by praying and donating. All it took was a simple Facebook shoutout and a few friends immediately responded to giving away a lot of stuff. Every little thing is going to count in this time of need.

I am so thankful to the Filipino community here in the Twin Cities who inspired a lot of of us to help in whatever little way we can! Within a 20-mile radius, there's at least four families who opened their homes as drop-off points for donations. Our local freight forwarder to the Philippines even pledged to ship any typhoon relief for free. Everybody was doing something and I had no excuse for inaction.

UPDATE: For those who are considering to donate, an anonymous UNICEF donor is matching donations (a dollar donated will be matched with another dollar) between now until Oct 6!
May this person be immensely blessed for having such a giving heart!!

My thoughts and prayer go as well to those who suffered from the flash flood in Samoa and earthquake in Indonesia...


  1. the is such a killer dress!

    glad all your family is okay and kudos for all the hard work!!


  2. Hi Grace on a rainy friday afternoon.
    I simply can imagine how you must feel hearing about typhoon and so many victims. I´m so glad to hear your family is doing fine!!!!

    The background of your pictures is awesome. This is such a beautiful place and you captured also a beautiful sunny fall day!
    Looove the color of your BCBG dress with all the drapes... SWOOOON ;)
    Your Jimmy Choo heels... tres chic sophisticated timepieces and so high glamour!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Grace fillled with lots of happy moments!
    ... and I keep my fingers cross for your "LEO" necklace!!!

    Lots of hugs to you...

  3. Grace, your comments always lifts my spirits and brings a smile to my face. Thank you for the encouragement and understanding how I feel. It's been over a month so I'm beginning to really miss home, my family and my boyfriend. Thank you for being so kind with your words and leaving this sweet comments on my blog. It's really helping me along and it makes it easier to cope with the distance.

    You look stunning in this outfit, Grace. The pictures are exquisite. The lighting makes you look like you're glowing. You always look so pretty when you smile. And congratulations on becoming godparents!

    I was really touched by this post. I'm sorry to hear about your family and it's devastating reading about the tragedy and the people who have been affected. I'm praying for you, your family, and the Filipino community.


    P.S. Have you heard from Kat lately? I'm curious about how she's doing and it seems I can't leave a comment on her blog.

  4. First, I am so glad your family is okay. I'm sorry to hear she had some property damage, so glad that it was not worse. Some family members of mine were affected, thankfully everyone is alive. One needs a new apartment and all that's in it but at least he's alive. We just have to keep praying...

    These are such beautiful pictures. You look stunning and I love that you layered your dress. I do the same but I must admit I never thought to try it with a dress this material, I guess I figured it wouldn't stay in place...such a great idea!

    Have a great weekend, Grace.

  5. I really like the way your outfit's chromatic tones subtly match St-Paul Basicilica Ones, just like a stylish symbiosis . . . That your "Jimmy Choo's Peep toe effect" highly tend to "Fetishize"(ps: OOooooh you know, I Frankly think this so discreet unveiling will never fail to mesmerize me . . .
    ps: "Femme Fatalisant" fall of mane + Radiant smile = What an exquisite Minnesota's Ambassadress you are Dear Grace !!!
    re-ps: With All my cyber Supportive Thoughts to Typhoon's Victims.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. I am actually learning about the Basilica of St. Paul in World History class right now. it's such an enriching, historic and beautiful structure!

  7. Love this outfit! Very pretty. =D

  8. Such a lovely outfit and the background is so beautiful! I love churches.

    It's too bad about what happened in Manila and later in Cagayan. I'm glad that your family is safe,mine lives outside of Manila and so I didn't worry much except for my friends who lived in Marikina. That UNICEF donor is an angel, I hope a lot of people are like him/her.

    Take care, Grace!

  9. Hi Grace! It's Thumbelina here telling you that YOU are the winner of the LNA leggings! I'm so happy for you. Someone at Chickdowntown should contact you shortly to get your info.

  10. I am so glad to hear that your family is safe and sound. The whole situation is just so sad, so devastating. Things like that zap my inspiration too. But these pictures are truly beautiful :)

  11. i'm really glad your family is safe!!! you're so inspiring to get others to help and donate! you are beautiful inside and out!!! i wish more people were like you!!

  12. I am so glad to hear that your family is safe!! I admire how you took action right away!



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