Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little break from fashion...

...To talk about photography.  Because if something happens, it has to be captured. 

There is only one way to make a moment last forever in a material form. The moment has to be captured by a camera. Only then, it becomes a photograph. It has been my hubby's passion to be always behind the lens.  While I, being the vain one, always in front of it.

People’s interest in photography is just big and today, it does not matter if you are a professional photographer or just a gal who has an iPhone (got my awesome 5s recently and I am so loving it!), you will get to take pictures of everything you want, from the mundane and ordinary (Foodie pix and selfies? Guilty!) to the extraordinary --beautiful landscapes, somewhere in Africa, for National Geographic magazine (ahem, maybe someday!).

 All around the world, it can be observed as a huge social movement, which involves photography. Of course it is indisputable, that first of all photography is art, but then we get to see how businesses and history cannot be done well without the implication of this art. Today, we are the people, that are no longer believing a written story without photographs. It is simple: If there is no photo of it, it did NOT happen. 

The same goes for business purposes. When it comes to advertising, companies are willing to pay more for billboards and visuals than for audio commercials. People want to see things, because looking, gives you the best sight of what a thing, a service or anything else is. For example, for a New York advertising photographer, Times Square is the best place for his art to be. Daily, approximately a third of a million people passes through Times Square, they all watch the advertising spots and they all look at the photographs that are there. The famous intersection is always full of ads and billboards. Huge pictures of perfumes, pop stars and burgers cover buildings. Even if the writing is huge on these billboards, we rarely pay attention to what is written there, we look only at the image. 

 The photos are so personal. Even if it is just a selfie posted on Facebook, or  a whole wedding photography, it means a lot, to the person which is pictured in it. Photographs are actually moments, frozen in material form -- printed and framed for posterity. You would never know exactly how you were looking 10 years ago, if you do not have a picture of yourself at the time. That is why, people are so obsessed with taking pictures everywhere, at any time, in any circumstances. If something happens, it has to be captured.

  There are maybe millions of photographers in this world -- countless in every country, every city. Still, when it comes to get a professional photo shoot, people spend a lot of time in picking one photographer. Because we all want our pictures to be perfect, either we are just adults getting married, or companies advertising their products, the photographs we choose to have, mean a lot to us.

I'm so glad my choice is simple because I am married to one.  

To my darling Hon, thanks for being the power behind this blog.  The unseen force behind each of my posts....  

Disclosure:  Compensation was received for this post.   
However, all statements here are my honest and 100% my own opinion. 


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