Friday, December 13, 2013

The Pursuit of 'Simple' Red Soles...

joie dress - jlo boucle - dvf satin tan - louboutin2

I have nothing against those who are born insanely rich but I'm one of those rare few who
is very much grateful I am not born as such and that I came from a solid middle class background.   

I fear that if I'm filthy rich by virtue of my family's estate, then I will no longer appreciate
the thrill of waiting for a sale just to score one nice purse.
Nor will have I the patience to save up for months over something I really want.

And mostly, I fear that my achievements would be not because of my own merit  but by mere birthright.

I'm perfectly happy where I am now and where I came from --
a normal average person... with unalienable rights of
Life, Liberty and the 'Simple' Pursuit of Red Soles.

 joie dress - jlo boucle - dvf satin tan - louboutin3

                                                                     TOP:  DVF satin tank; JLo for Kohls boucle blazer
                                                                     DRESS Joie tiered lace dress 
                                                                     ACCESSORIES Simply Vera, Vera Wang pearl necklace
                                                                     SHOES: Christian Louboutin 'Simple' black patent pumps

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