Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Night Out

In my 11 years of marriage, I can only count the number of times I went out clubbing and 
partying with the hubby:  Zero.
Partying and clubbing WITHOUT the hubby:  an even more resounding ZERO!

Last week was an exception.  And thus, deserves a placeholder on this blog. 
For the first time in the history of ever, the hubz let me go out dance the night away. 
Without him.   I thought it was the end of the world but I didn't dare question so off I went
wearing this outfit.  Well, with a different pair of shoes, but who cares. 

I went out and partied and danced til the wee hours of the morning -- and never felt so alive. 
I really need to drag the hubz to these fun nighttime soirees.   
He doesn't need to dance, 
he can just watch me dance. 

Asos Top - 7fam jeans - Chanel Sac Rabat3 Asos Top - 7fam jeans - Chanel Sac Rabat2 Asos Top - 7fam jeans - Chanel Sac Rabat1
                                                                     TOP: ASOS dress worn as a top
                                                                     PANTS:  7 for All Mankind
                                                                     PURSE Chanel Sac Rabat.
                                                                     SHOES Nine West OTK boots

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