Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shadows, X's and Y's

dvf pink1
-- top: Diane von Furstenberg --- pants: Armani Collezioni -- sunnies: Dior -- shoes: Chanel -- watch: Fendi--

Overheard somewhere in Minneapolis.

"Are those pants new?"

Silence for three seconds and gazing up at the ceiling to search for an answer then faintly uttered, "No..."

"Are they expensive?"

Silence for three seconds and again gazing up at the ceiling and even more faintly uttered, "No..."

Conscience kicking in, commandment #9 nagging.

"Not much. It's only $XXX.xx".

Information withheld. It was really $YYY.yy where Y>X.


"They're Armani, hello!"

"I wouldn't have known..."

***Characters are fictional. Any resemblance to your marital conversations or mine is purely coincidental***
Wink, wink. Funny thing, the top was new and he didn't notice, haha!

* * *

dvf pink2

* * *

dvf pink3

* * *

dvf pink


  1. you are so pretty!!!
    and i love your home too
    its so well decorated and nice
    your convo made me LOL!!! wait, so did that really happen??? hahaha i wore a shrung once, and my friend asked me how much it was, and then told me, why don't you take one of your sweaters and just cut off the bottom???!! it would look the same! hAAAAAAAAAA no
    anyways, you know me way too well, because i've always wanted a sister!!! i'm an only child hahaha yay blogging sister.
    lil sis

  2. @Patty Ann - Yes, this did happen!! My husband did find out eventually anyway on how much it was seeing the credit card statement! I am so bad, don't be like me! =)

  3. You are my hero - you are dressed in Armani, Chanel and DVF. I just died. Seriously - so jealous and of course, you look incredible!

    Loved the "hypothetical" conversation too. I actually convinced my boyfriend to give me the (only) mail key so that I can intercept the credit card statements. I pay them all off every month, he just doesn't need to know how much I have to pay off :)

    Oh, and I just got your comment on my last blog post. I absolutely know what you mean about making friends in the blogosphere - it has been one of the best but most unexpected consequences of blogging. I love it! And I LOVED this post!

  4. You are simply tooo cuuuuteee, Grace

    ... Wink, wink. Funny thing, the top was new and he didn't notice ...

    So funny... you can see me SMILEEE right now!!!

    The pictures of you are so beautiful,Grace! I remember you posted these killer Chanel heels a few weeks ago!!What I love the most is the shadow of you at the wall!!!

    Already took a look at Kat´s blog to see her second post about NY .. You 2 sweet Minneapolis-blogger-sisters!;)

    Enjoy your sunday with lots of relaxing moments and sunshine!!!

  5. I LOVED this post...I think we married women can all relate to this conversation. :)

    Great new buys. Classic, fitted, well made. You will wear these for years!

  6. Hey there Grace! haha! I can totally relate to this post... sometimes I hide my shopping bags...that's why I shop on weekdays when he's out...then I every so slowly unravel the purchases...haha!

    So love your poses and your and classy pieces! And you can pose with that arms-raised-near-head beautifully!


  7. ha ha, this was so funny Grace! I can so relate to this! :)

    You look stunning as always and i like your DVF top and those gorgeous Chanel shoes!

    Enjoy your Sunday and have a great start to the week!

  8. goooorgeous, I adore this outfit. The top is super cute, as well as the shoes!

  9. this is too true! i tend to do "magic" on the price of my buys as well. haha.

    you've got great, classic pieces on your wardrobe. they all look awesome on you!

  10. you totally look like you're part of the painting.
    and i gotta say, those shoes are looking amazingly smashing on you. keep up the lovely posts.

  11. hahahahahah, that is SO funny! Those pants look GREAT on you! And I love your shoes!

  12. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. It's really comforting and it means a lot to me. To answer your question, my most recent outfit is all new. I know, bad right? I shouldn't be shopping. I should be saving my money to travel Australia, but I couldn't help it cause the deals here are pretty good. I'm stressing out about how I'm gonna manage to bring everything home. I'm make it work somehow.

    Grace, I love your Chanel shoes. They look amazing on you. You look so elegant and classy with your bright pink top and the pearls. Great dialogue, Grace. I also find it weird when people ask you how much your things cost. I never know how to respond.

    It must be great and stressful getting to travel for your job. But it's probably also nice to catch a break from it. I guess 3 months is a pretty long time to not go anywhere. You sound like someone who enjoys traveling and seeing new places as well.

    I'm gonna try and cut this short so I don't repeat myself and write another email ;) I hope your week is off to a good start.

    All the best,

  13. Hahaha!

    This is the exact marital Q&A between me and the hubby inside the elevator when going down for a walk.

    My usual replies are:it's old, I bought it on sale and it costs me only 50% less than the original price (quoting the price which is way too low and way exaggerated from the original). I usually end up with a twirl and the coy question, "Like it" and then change the topic!

    Love the whole outfit and the shoes are gorgeous!

  14. guys just dont understand that amazing clothes trumps food/ bills/ rent etc

    theyre way too stupid ;)


  15. Gorgeous photos! You look stunning in pink. Classy outfit. :)

  16. Well the pants are fab! :) You will wear them for many seasons to come!

    Also: I"ve become an expert closet stasher. LOL

  17. This outfit looks amazing on you !! And your top is from DVF ??? Ahhhhhh,I love her and her designs <3

    Plus it goes perfect with those pants . And your pants story is so funny ! Made me laugh.

    Yeahhh,about my job. Firm believer of that too. Thanks girl for your encouraging words. Always good to know people who care. Love you <3

  18. Love this especially those shoes. :-)


  19. Gorgeous outfit. Love the color of your top. And yeah, that 'fictional' conversation sounds so familiar ;-) In fact, I think I had it yesterday, when my hubby asked me how much my new ring cost. He didn't really seemed to grasp why something from Alexander McQueen would cost more... haha.

  20. Wow darling, you looks fabulous!!!!!!
    love all the outfit, and the shoes are amazing!


  21. hahaha that's too funny

    you look gorgeous! money well spent!

  22. gracey! you look seriously refreshing, honey! you look like a summer's day.:) you invested well, no regrets there!


  23. Hi Grace,

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and all the sweet compliments about my thoughts, my family, and my age. It's really encouraging and it means a lot coming from someone like yourself. You're so sweet, Grace and it's really awesome that we've connected via blogging (and thanks to the Satorialist). And thank you for reminding me that I still have a fun and exciting life ahead of me. Sometimes I worry that I'm gonna finish school, work, and forget to live out my dreams. So it's nice when people tell me I'm young and I have a lot to look forward to. Thanks again for the comment.

    I hope you're having a good week, Grace.


  24. Ahaha, funny conversation! And you look fantastic, really fantastic!

  25. Thank you all for the lovely comments!! Mwah, mwah, mwah! =)

  26. Haha... that sounds exactly like me and my boyfriend. Except I don't usually buy Armani :)



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