Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Simple Life

-- top: Yaya Aflalo --- necklace: Rochas vintage -- belt: Michael Kors -- shorts: Banana Republic --
-- wedges: Banana Republic --

The days spent in Kansas visiting my in-laws was such a relaxing retreat for us. The small-town feel was a welcoming break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Their house backs out to a golf course and the hubz' room on the 2nd floor gets a nice view of the fairway. On a foggy morning, it's quite an eerie sight to see seemingly headless golfers giddily putting their way into the 3rd hole. And when the fog clears up, it's green as far as the eye could see and I can't help but exclaim, "We're in Kansas now, Dorothy!". (I know, I know, that's not how it goes, but it kinda rhymes... =)

* * *

In the afternoon, sitting under Mom's pergola (and posing for pictures, what else?), we'd hear cicadas showing off their acoustic talent. They're nature's little buzzing orchestra.

* * *

For sustenance, we had our daily indulgence of mega-caloric food extravaganza inhaled in gastronomic proportions! Be it Chinese, Mexican or American cuisine, a sit down meal for 4 people here won't set you back more than $60!

* * *

It's all too perfect but just 2 key things missing: In this part of KS, there's no Saks or Neiman in sight! Not within a 100-mile radius, at least!
Big, big problem!

* * *

And speaking of Neiman, I spotted this top which did not look too appealing at first. But at 90% off (Last Call) from its original price of $295, I picked it up anyway. I first wore it here and realized that it can be worn many different ways based on how you button, clasp, twist and tie it! It's so versatile I could probably even wear it as a hair extension someday when I decide to cut my hair short, who knows!

* * *

Now would I rather be a golf-playing-dollar-store-
shopping small town girl or a fashion-blogging-designer-shopping city girl?
If only I could ask the great Wizard of Oz...


  1. Good evening Grace! Nice cheerful top (gotta love the stores)...lovely perch and great show of legs!

    And those dishes...yum...been eating way too much really, but I'm a foodie!

    See you tomorrow for our Friday lunch!

  2. Love the sweet yellow dress. the belt is perfect touch.


  3. Awww,girl you're really sweet with the comment :)

    You could maybe try different types of hat . Ohhhh I'm loving this outfit,love love your yellow scarf top,the color is so beautiful !

    And those food,ahhhhh ! Making me so so hungry <3

  4. Love that yellow tunic! :) It's so breezy and summery. You are absolutely glowing :)

    I'd be happy to give some jumping tips though it does take me 1-2 tries before I get it right!!

    I'm following your blog and I'm going to add you to my fave blog sites!! :) Can't wait to read more of you.

  5. Love the yellow top!

    and i love the foood ! i am hungry!

  6. Peek-a-boo Grace!

    soooo we have the
    golf-playing-dollar-store-shopping small town girl
    and the
    fashion-blogging-designer-shopping girl ;)))

    You are so sportive with your tennis and golf and you also
    look so sportive and

    cozy-casual-perfect-in-summer-outfit-in beautiful-yellow-and-a-touch-of-vintage

    Love your picture on "Mom´s pergola".

    Have an enjoyable weekend with lots of happy moments to come!!!

    Hugs from
    me ;)

    P.S.: Tomorrow I´m invited to a wedding and still have to think about
    what to wear ;)

  7. That's a cute yellow top! Love how you played with it and wore it "halter-style".

    Yummy food pictures. Those are surely making me me hungry right now. ;)

  8. I love Friends! It's always on now :) Fave=Chandler!


  9. Hi Minn! :) Thanks for the comment. Sadly it wasn't a DIY dress but it looks like it! Haha I got it at UO and it was actually on sale a month or two ago for super cheap. I bought it not on sale though.


  10. Hi Grace. I really enjoyed reading this post. Back home, I live in the big city but I go to school in a small town. I really like the small town atmosphere. It's quiet and peaceful. I like not sitting in traffic and I like getting to places within 10 mins. I like the people and I like what I can learn from them because they do have a different perspective on life. But I'm also a city girl and I like being busy. I like the noise of downtown Calgary (where I'm friend) and I like what the city has to offer in terms of things to do. In the end, after I finish school, I'll probably settle in the city but I would like to visit the country and small towns for weekend getaways.

    It sounds like you had a delightful time at your in-laws. All the good food, the green grass, and no shopping boutiques. I'm glad to hear that work has been busy for you. Definitely, having work to do these days will save your butt during an economic turndown.

    I've been thinking about getting an iPhone when I get back to Canada. They're selling for cheap these days and the plans aren't bad.

    It's so funny that you mentioned Meter Maid. I was in Surfers Paradise yesterday (in Gold Coast) and I spotted some. If my friend (yes, I made a friend) didn't tell me what they were, I would have no idea. I'll be sure to take a picture next time. I spotted them from across the street, so I didn't get a good look at them. I will next time.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend, Grace. Talk to you soon.


    P.S. Sorry this comment is so long. It's practically an email ;)

  11. The yellow looks great on you, and you've got such a pretty smile :) I will be doing a post on that floral skirt soon, so stay tuned! and thanks for your lovely comment :) x

  12. This is such a fantastic look. It is so visually interesting - it has a lot going on but it all works together flawlessly!

    It sounds like you had a great time in Kansas. I wish we could eat out for that price - my boyfriend and I spent $60 on dinner tonight and it was just the two of us! But it's worth living in the city to have Saks and Neiman's :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Grace

    These are such lovely photos and you look stunning in all of them. That Yaya Aflalo top is really pretty and i like the fact that it is versatile.

    Hope you are having fun in Kansas even though there is no Saks or Neiman near by! ;)

    Have a great weekend!!

  14. hi grace!
    i love the criss-cross top and you know
    i love color yellow.
    oh, beautiful smile ah.

  15. That food looks absolute delish! Mmmmm...

    You look fabulous my dear! I love the versatility of your top and brown and yellow together always looks perfect. Love the rich brown hue of your belt.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. you are so adorable love! your outfit looks so put together and your wedges are just so gorgeous. glad you had fun visiting!


  17. hi pretty girl! :)
    yes it's a new header! :D
    wow look at this outfit you've put together! and the shoes go so well! x

  18. you have really amazing smile - it's always so pleasant to visit your blog as your smile never fails to bring a sense of upbeat to me.... love the yellow dress, xoxo

  19. Love your top and that dainty necklace..=)

  20. Thank you all for the lovely comments! I'll be visiting everyone's blog today and tomorrow! =)

  21. i love this top
    i cant beleive you got that for 90% off
    aggghghghgh i can barely do the math on that
    90 is so big
    wait acutally its sorta like 10% which i can do, hahaha okay silly me
    you look really good in yellow
    its def a great color on you!!!
    i was gonna ask you whether you liked the country or city better! haha and then you asked...well i hope you're the fashion blogger shopping city girl because otherwise i wouldn't have met you!! <3



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