Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sets in the City '09

Sets in the City 2

I learned that the wrist action derived from blog-stalking all of you does NOT improve my tennis skills in any way whatsoever. I don't get it. The hours upon hours of mouse clicking should at least help with the wrist pronation in serves and rallies!

Another thing I don't get is that in the many years I've played tennis, I have not gotten any award ever. None. Nada. Nill. Zilch. While I've only been blogging for just 2 months now and already I got this one award from the fabulous Sofie of ModeDiktat.

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Sofie, I promise to work on this very soon and so sorry for picking this up weeks late. I thought I would have come up with a list by now but I need more inspiration, and thus more blog-stalking!

* * *

Sets in the City 3
Too bad there's no award for showing up with the best tennis outfit or I would have won that, NO DOUBT! Oh heck, win or lose, I know my outfit is a WINNER, bwahaha!
Sorry, humility is a virtue my fingertips has yet to learn. Trust me, I tried to stop them from typing those words but they're just unstoppable and simply won't listen to me.
Bad fingers! Bad fingers! .

* * *

photo credit: flickr - chance98
Wearing the same dress that Maria Sharapova wore in the "I Am Pretty" Nike commercial for US Open '06. The annoying Sharapova screech do not come with the dress, thank goodness!

* * *

The good thing is, the hubz was ranked #1 this week. And I therefore invoke on Section 10.08.02 of the Marriage Manual which instructs that tennis rankings must be shared between couples. Afterall, how good is this vow we once took: "For loves or for aces, in singles and in teams, til double faults do us part".

* * *

If you don't hear from me for days, it means I'm desperately trying to improve my miserable tennis ranking OR I'm glued on TV watching the US Open OR I'm attending Luau parties. Luau?! Where the heck did that come from?!

* * *

Sets in the City 1
OK, serious now. Someday, when (take note of the usage of “when” NOT “if)
fate requires of me to get up on a stage to collect a trophy and say a little speech, I will do so wearing this Diane von Fursternberg wrap vest worn over the Nike dress. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Here's to BIG dreams, fabulous outfits and bottom-most tennis ranking!

Happy mid week everyone!


  1. you look as hawt as maria sharapova in that nike dress! i sooo wish to take up tennis (one of my one million to-dos, hehe), hopefully ill have the time soon. that vow though is endearingly funny!


  2. This post made me laugh out loud several times!!! Fabulous and funny? Love it!

  3. Hi Grace!
    Wishing you a wonderful day.. it´s so cold here today in Germany and the weather pretty... sad ... too much rain and no sun at all :)

    Hihi..I love this funny & fabulous "jumping picture" ;)
    Do you know Tiffany´s blog? She is also doing some beautiful jumps.

    You look gorgeous in your tennis dress!!!
    6:0, 6:0 for you ;)
    Wish I would play more tennis, always loved to play in summer but it´s a looong time ago I did it last time! Remember you talked also about Tennis on Nintendo Wii in one of my previous posts ;)))

    Your pink/white flower tube dress is so adorable, Grace!!!

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. You look fabulous in everything here!

    I'm in love with your Luau tube dress. Yup, I want to marry it. S won't mind sharing me, I promise.

    Congratulations on the award! Well deserved, missy :) Sofie's such a doll.

    Oh and *when* you give that speech, make sure to let me know, I want to tune in :)

  5. Good morning Grace! Fabulous the tennis mini and that matching tennis shoes (nice athletic jump!)...and I'm in love with your violet dress! You look so pretty in it.

    I love the wraps from DvF...nice that the recent buy?

    Wish I could play tennis with you guys. The hubby is into badminton...played with him a few time, but gave up coz everyone in his team is too good that I think I destroy the game when I'm in. haha!

    See you after NYC! Take care.

  6. Like Martina, I thought of Tiffany from Style Sophisticate. Love the jump.

    Cute outfits!

  7. I love the purple print dress, it looks gorgeous on you! Good luck with tennis - knock 'em dead!

  8. you're back!!!!!!!!! yay i feel so sad when i visit your blog and you haven't posted yet, but THIS POST totally made up for it with so many outfits!!! You and your bf are soooo cute, and i love that vow hahahahaha its sooooooooo cute! like cute cute cute. anyways you totally win most stylish tennis player :) and love the luau dress! you are awesome, u don't need to be humble, this was so much fun to read!!! xx

  9. Hi Grace,

    First of all, congrats on your award my dear!

    Oh, i love tennis but i don't play it enough due to work commitments so all i do is outdoor running at 6am (too early right!:))

    Your strapless floral dress is very pretty!

    Happy Thursday!!

  10. OMG you are way too funny! Love how you are so real but in such a witty manner. I was laughing for a good bit after reading this! And I see we own the same manual! I always pull it out on the hubby when it benefits me, lol.Now you go out there and kick some major Federov ass Love this post!

  11. Grace, you look stunning in all the outfits. I especially love that purple dress you're wearing. You and your husband look adorable. And you also know how to play sports in style. Good luck picking up tennis. I'm sure you'll be pro with more practice.

    I've been so busy these past few days trying to settle into a new life and I haven't had a chance to say thank you for all your sweet comments that you left. I will most definitely try a Tim Tam cookie for you :) Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get the chance to visit Tassie. I'm still trying to plan out my itinerary while here on the Gold Coast and I don't think I have enough funds to travel very far. I definitely want to visit Sydney though.

    I hope you're having a good week, Grace.


  12. You got the same tennis dress as her ?!! Looks stunning on you :) And I love the 1st photo !

    Also great idea on wearing a blouse over the dress and it's a perfect match <3

  13. ahem, i hereby award you 'best tennis style ever'.
    applause applause!

  14. LOL, loved your Sharapova screech comment. :D

  15. Hello!

    Congratulations on the award!

    That's a sexy tennis dress especially with you wearing it. ;)This s such a fun post, I was laughing so hard while reading this. I've been meaning to learn how to play tennis but I ended up with badminton. Now nada,haha!

    Have a lovely week ahead.

  16. this is such a fun post! maybe i should take up tennis just because of the cute little outfits? im sure you are watching the US open right now. i changed the channel a few days back and i loved sharapova's blue little number. haha.

    it's unfortunate that im "allergic" to physical activities. i hate sports and excersizing!

  17. Dear Grace,
    how are you? How was the week?
    Hehe, don't ou worry about the blog award thing! I have need to put a break into as well. So many lovely awards - but it's taking time to rework them... Hm, or maybe it's just me as I would love to do them justice ;) AHAHAHAHA...
    I love the pictures of you and your husband! You're a very awesome couple! And CONGRATS to him!
    Your flowered dress is amazing! Love it very much!
    Enjoy the weekend, darling! Wishing you and the Mr. a perfect sunny Saturday and Sunday!
    xoxo sofie

  18. Re: I'm so glad my comment made you smile!!! you are soooooooo sweet!!! if i lived in minn, we could play tennis, and you'd be even more excited at winning because i really suck at tennis hahahha i have no upper arm strength!

    talk to you soon! xxxxxxxxxxx

  19. You look even better in it (;

    Thanks for stopping by! (:

    La C.

  20. Hi, Lovely! I just thought I'd let you know that the dress from Target was bought a couple of years ago. But I love Target's clothes. I go often and don't always find something I like - but it's always worth a look! Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

  21. Such cute tennis attire, I love the purple dress as well! You deserve that blogger award, congratulations! :) x

  22. love love this post w/ all outfits... great, xoxo

  23. aww ur so sweet!haha!

    good luck with the tennis lovely!!!
    loving your cute tennis outfit!

    mwa mwa mwa

  24. You look stunning in the next to last picture. Lovely dress, too.

  25. Love the floral dress! You look adorable in the last picture.
    I love the way you have incorporated humor into your posts! It makes your blog so much fun to read. :)


  26. Hello Grace-
    How are you doing? I LOVE LOVE you in the purple printed strapless dress. You look super tall and chic :-). Do you live in U.S now or out of the country? Hope you and your family having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

  27. i remember playing tennis is used to be my favorite past time way back then.
    how cool is that you and her are sporting the same outfit?!

    you always have a beautiful smile, lady!

  28. I thought the comment about blog stalking and tennis playing was funny...hahahah! And I am so jealous of your tenis outfit... I always look like a mess when I play tennis! At least you look amazing!

  29. aaahahaha
    you're so cute.
    it sounds like it might actually work a bit. no?
    mouse clicking and wrist pronation.. ahaha

  30. great tennis dress ! haha . aww i can't play tennis . x)

  31. Oooh, your tennis outfit is so chic! And I'm starting to love your marriage manual and vows! ;)


  32. wow this dress is amazing !! you look great in it!!

  33. Thanks for paying a visit to my blog! Really love yours! And that tennis dress is fabulous.... I used to play quite a bit, though back then I rarely paid much attention to my outfit. I'm sure it would be a different story today (I'd look pretty, but play crap... haha). Great idea to layer the DVF wrap over it by the way! And yeah, I believe that's what marriage is all about... sharing. Whenever my hubby runs a marathon, I claim the medal as 'ours'. ;-)

  34. We have lift-off! Wow, you have a lot of spring in your step.

  35. Thank you all for taking time to comment!! I really, really appreciate them!

    @Thumbelina & Martina - checking out Tifanny's blog now!!! =)



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