Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend in the Sunflower State

-- dress: Johnny Was --- necklaces: Rochas vintage & Michael Kors chain belt --
-- wedges
: Banana Republic --

For the long weekend, we followed I-35 for 400 miles south and after 7 hours of driving, we were back to where it all started for us, in Kansas!

The in-laws treated us to lots of love and lots of food over our 3-day stay! I swore I gained weight just by staring at all the food! We felt so pampered and didn't want to leave anymore. The long weekend was certainly not long enough.

* * *

I really wanted a maxi dress but for some reason, every dress I try on fits oddly...

* * *

Found this at Neiman. Not exactly a maxi dress but it'll have to do.

* * *

It's very soft and flowy and seriously discounted, so I'm all happy!

* * *

For a small town in Kansas, my layers of accessories is probably a bit much. A lot of folks were staring at me like I just I stole Dorothy's slippers!

* * *


Hope everyone had a great long weekend!
Can't wait to visit all your blogs tomorrow and resume on regular programming of work, blog and shopping!


  1. Hello Grace
    on a sunny tuesday!

    What a beautiful dress!
    The mix of colors is adorable and I love it even more on you than on the NM picture!!

    7 hours driving... mon dieu ;)
    would mean here in Germany to leave the country ;)
    I´m sure you had a wonderful sunny and colorful weekend!!!
    Enjoy your tuesday with lots of joyful moments!

  2. I LOVE this dress! you look so pretty! And those layers of necklaces perfectly matches the colorful dress. LOVE this look

  3. This dress is FANTASTIC! I love all its colors.

  4. Hello Grace,

    Welcome back my dear! You drove for 7 hours? wow!
    I love the colours of your dress. You look so pretty with your great smile.

    p.s i like the layering of the necklaces even though the folks in Kansas were staring ;)

    Have a great day!!

  5. Grace!!!!!! haha! Good to see you again. Just got back hours ago. Exhausted but very happy!

    Oh this is the new dress you were telling me about! I like the colors and print. It suits you well actually! I've tried so hard to get a maxi all summer too, but I just drown in them. haha! Nice vintage necklace, too.

    We'll talk more the next time we meet. Gotta do my finals first, OK. So nervous about my papers.

  6. Very nice!! Sorry you couldn't be here in NYC with us but it looks like you had fun.

  7. the print of this dress is gorgeous and I love the necklaces too! Don't worry about people giving you funny looks, they wish they had your style!

  8. Must be lots of fun over at your in-laws. And wooo,the drive was really long !

    Loving your necklace,its really beautiful ! And the maxi dress even though it not all the way to the floor,it's really unique and I love all the colors :)

    I don't own a maxi dress,still searching for the perfect one !

  9. Great dress -- that's a perfect length for you.

  10. love your dress !!! and I love your accessories too !! haha it's funny that you said ppl were staring at you, but you absolutely look gorgoues !

    Finally,thanks for your bless on my aussie PR application : )

  11. Gotta love Neiman Marcus! I'm going on a press tour of the first store opening in Seattle this morning! SHould be exciting!

  12. i love your jewelry!! =)

  13. what a fun dress! love the banana republic wedges.


  14. hiiiii!!!!
    i made the header in photoshop, i used a random composition notebook from google, so that it would have a back to school theme this month!

    and about the white background, super funny story. well i have this huge roll of butcher paper from art class, and i taped up one section of my room wall and floor, and then take my pictures in front. but i dont have lighting equipment, so some of the pictures turn out when the flash goes off on white?

    ahhhh i didnt realize you were married!!! ahhh so cuteeeee, you're so young, and very lucky! :) congrats!

    i love the maxi dress. it's so colorful and happy. maxi dresses are the best, because it looks dressed up, but without all the effort of taking care of a fancy dress!

  15. The dress is spectacular and you found the perfect accessories for it! You are just glowing!

  16. love the fabric and colors on your dress :)

  17. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my site! :) That's so funny that they referred you to my site for the jumping pics! I absolutely love jumping in my pics... I've become addicted to it, it's so fun :)

    Love love love the colorful summery dress you're wearing and your jumping pics!!! :)

  18. Hey, I didn't realize you weren't on my blog roll. Just added you!

  19. Oh, your dress is so pretty, flowy and colourful, simply GORGEOUS!!

  20. This dress seems to have that precious "handmade look". Very chic! :)


  21. very pretty dress, grace! i love the pattern and the colors. it's starting to get much colder and this pretty dress would probably be hiding under your closet until next spring/summer :(.

    hope you're having a great week! it's sept10, a bunch of girlfreinds and i cant wait for fashion night out tonight!

  22. Gorgeous dress. I love the colors. It looks beautiful on you. :)

  23. dorothy's slippers indeed;]
    a dress that can make you happy and pretty, what more can there be?
    great choice:]

  24. love the neiman dress! so vibrant and beautiful!

  25. Hi Grace. These pictures of you are so stunning. You look gorgeous and I love how the light hits your face and makes you look like you're glowing. You look so sweet and wholesome. The dress looks fabulous on you.

    I'm glad to read that you had a good weekend in Kansas. It's a bit of a drive, I mean 7 hours is pretty long, but I'm sure it was worth it in the end to spend time with family and eat your heart out. And I can relate to the over-accessorizing and when others look at you like you're crazy for wearing a lot of jewelry. Nonetheless, you look great and stylish.

    Even though the long weekend is over, I hope the short work week has been good to you and enjoy this upcoming weekend.


  26. Thank you all for such sweet comments!! =)

  27. That is such a gorgeous dress! I love the colors!!!

  28. @Lynn - I know, sadly, this dress will be hibernating thru winter. =(

  29. Wow what an amazing dress, so colorful!
    It looks beautiful on you!

  30. That dress is gorg and I loooove the necklaces!



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