Friday, April 27, 2012

Ann, Activate!

My twin (from another set of parents :-) has been my most recent convert into the world of smart investing.    And by smart investing, I mean purchasing fabulous handbags.

I know, I know!  I'm such a bad friend --- coz it took me this long to activate her!  Friends don't let friends make bad "investments". 

To make up for my shortcoming, I volunteered to style her newest acquisitions.  It was so fun styling her LV speedy, LV neverfull and Anne Klein sheath!  Immediately, I came up with 6 looks.. and that's just for summer!

 -- Ann's new treasure --

Ann's New Treasures

sheath stylin #6 - can never go wrong with pearls

sheath stylin #5 - a splash of red

sheath stylin #3 - the exotic snakeskin

stylin' #2 - classy in earthy tone

sheath stylin' #1 - when in doubt, go with black


  1. love your style!
    kisses from Prague

  2. Love all the sets you´ve made, G especially the 2nd set with red. You´re a dear friend, indeed! ;)



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