Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Going On 13

I am currently obsessing colored jeans lately and decided to wear my
newest pair as I went about with my normal day yesterday.
Walking hastily doing my errands, I heard someone say as I passed by,
'Mommy, I want colored jeans just like that!!' 
(I'm pretty sure I heard some feet stomping too so I turned around and looked.)

Shocked! My newest fashion fan  could not have been older than 10!!

I calmed down and asked myself:
 Do I dress too young for my age?
 Have I just become a fashion role model to tweeners?

I'm like, sooooo, like, really want to believe the latter so I smiled my
biggest 13-yr old smile and I was like,
'Oh hi there my little bff, would you like to share my pink cotton candy? L-Oh-L'

The mom just gave me a dry smile and off they went.

I didn't take it personally but just thought to myself:
Oh you guys just wait 'til I wear the
cuter-than-an-Easter-egg-yellow version of this jeans!
For sure, I will have 5-yr olds lining up for my autograph in no time!

7fam jeans - red valentino boots - mulberry alexa bag 2

                                                                     TShirt:  Karl Lagerfeld Key to Cure  (worn backwards)
                                                                     JACKET: Tweed jacket from Nordie's Rack 
                                                                     BOOTS:  RED Valentino
                                                                     BAG: Mulberry Alexa in dusty pink
                                                                     JEANS: 7 for all Mankind skinny jeans
                                                                     ACCESSORIES: Prada baroque sunglasses
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  1. Hahaha! At least you´ve got a new and cute fan now. ;) I still don´t have pink pants, I´m thinking of buying one after seeing yours!



    PS: I let of the blue dress, having it re-sewn costs more than the dress actually so huwag na lang. lol!

    1. Oh! I am thinking of trying to learn to sew. I can only imagine the fun things I could do. And even if all I do is alteration, makka-save pa ako!




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