Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Shopaholic Lives!

Finally, my cognitive and psychomotor skills along with my sense of taste, smell and reason
have been restored and reconnected with the rest of my body. 

Let me tell you it was one nasty cold!   
I thought my face would break open everytime I sneezed or coughed.   
The headache was so unbearable I told the hubz to find himself a 
good woman who can cook when I die.
But I dreaded the thought of having my epitaph read, 
"I. Grace.  Fashionista.  Genius Shopper.  Succumbed to Common Cold." 
 And so I summoned all the energy in the universe for me to get better. 

In other words, I took 1/2 a bottle of Tylenol, overdosed on vitamin C, 
drank ginger tea like it was the best tasting concoction in the world,
slept like a baby every night for 10 hours and after 5 days, 
the fever was gone, the cough has subsided and I was 
frantically clicking the checkout button of every single spring sale I could find in the interwebs! 

This shopaholic lives!  She lives!!

see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps4
see by chloe skirt - chanel belt - prada pumps2
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                                                                     TOP: Express candy cane sweater  
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