Sunday, June 19, 2011

Office Outfit Part 5 (The Tree & BCBG)

I now have a newfound respect for trees of all kind. Last night, as I attempted to do a yoga tree pose, I could barely hold the position for longer than 10 seconds without starting to shake, wiggle and tumble. But the trees! They can be their own tree selves in the whole span of their tree life! Awesome! Just awesome!!

Like this BCBG dress that I got at Nordie's Rack for $16! Yes, just 16 bucks!! Awesome! Just awesome! Deals like this is up there in awesomeness like the tree, would you agree?


And while we're on the subject of nature and it's wonders, here's a beautiful vintage cheetah Mimi di N piece I found on eBay! It adds just the perfect amount of edge to this otherwise girly outfit.


-- BCBG dress -- Mimi di N cheetah belt -- Louboutin "Picador" slingbacks -


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