Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dressing Room Update2

henever folks at CSN stores approach me to do a review, it always makes my day! And yes, I will use it again for a product review for something in my dressing room. Nevermind if what I really need is a new laptop and a new laptop messenger bag.

Speaking of dressing room, look what arrived today! I searched high and low and finally after months of browsing through catalogs and websites and stores, I found the perfect settee!


Yes, I know, my progress has been very slow on this room considering it's my favorite room of all! Maybe I need to create a project plan just so I can manage its completion better! For now, I'm targeting to finish the entire room in 3 months (which is exactly what I said 3 months ago!)

Progress in 8 months:

4 ladder shelves


paint wall in mocca

Lucite (or mirror) side table

animal print area rug


more shoes to fill the shelves! :D

...I'm sloowly getting there! Let's hope I finish by summer!

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