Sunday, January 23, 2011

Office Uniform

I've never worn pants for the past 8 months now! I really love sheath dresses and been buying them every chance I could! I probably have a dozen already with no plans of slowing down!

sheath dress1
-- Chetta B sheath dress from Neiman's Last Call -- Jimmy Choo watersnake pumps --

sheath dress2
-- Marc New York sheath dress from Neiman's Last Call -- Gucci 'Paloma' peep toes --

sheath dress3
-- Banana Republic sheath dress -- Jimmy Choo watersnake pumps --


  1. Hi, G!

    Glad the comments section is back!

    First, Happy New Year to you!

    Second, I´ve missed your posts. It´s good that you´re posting now and third, you´re looking vavavoom as ever especially with that red, wide belt. :)

    Hugs from here,


  2. @Che - happy new year to you too! =)

    Thanks! The belt is from Manila.

    You should open a twitter so we can chat more!! I'm quite chatty there when I'm silent here.

  3. Grace tres chic so far away in Brazil!!!
    I can imagine your smile in all those pictures!!!

    Will tweet more :-)

    Hugs to youuu!!!!

  4. look at your hourglass figure! those dresses are suuuuuper flattering on you--no wonder you haven't worn pants for so long. great ensembles, all of them. i'm loving me some skirts as well...and i'm inspired by your dresses. i'll have to find some winners.



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