Sunday, March 24, 2013

Traveling Tales

Last week, I met a friend for sushi.
But it wasn't your everyday sushi meet-up kinda thing.

We were two friends from Manila, now living in Minnesota and Virginia,
traveling for work in Central America and North Carolina,
and meeting up in Atlanta for a quick 10-minute sushi in between our layovers.

Yes, the story of my life of constant traveling is the same story as a few
of my friends'.  And most of our conversations are around
airline status, hotel status, mile accruals and
whining for weeks on the rare occasion we don't get upgraded.

Such entitled and elitist air travelers we are sometimes.
I wish a treatment exist for a disorder such as ours.

Cheta B Sheath3
Cheta B Sheath4 (2)
Cheta B Sheath4  

                                                                    DRESS:  Cheta B sheath dress  
                                                                    SHOES: Prada 
                                                                    ACCESSORIESMichael Michael Kors black skinny belt


  1. What a gorgeous outfit!!! Those shoes! Prada! I just drooled.

  2. This dress is super adorable and fits you like a dream! I love your heels too. I need some more dresses like this in my life!



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