Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Style Profile #1 - Sacred Accessories!!!

sacred accessories

I got this tufted ivory scarf from Sacred Accessories and I can't be any more pleased! It's very soft to the touch and love the grape trim, makes me want to go wine tasting wearing it!

Once the weather here dips a few dozen degrees lower, this will become a staple around my neck for some stylish warmth. It's also long and wide enough that it can be worn as a wrap as well.

Please go browse Sacred Accessories and add some trendy, fun and fabulous pieces to accessorize your outfit! Don't forget to enter "vitaMinn" at checkout to receive 20% off!! And this code is valid for 3 months so we all could use it even after their current promotion is over!!

...I'm already eyeing this Linea Pelle bracelet featured in Seventeen and the Azaara ring featured in InStyle.

linea pelleazaara

Here's me having fun with my new scarf!!

sacred accessories1

sacred accessories3
-- ruffle cami: Diane von Furstenberg --- cropped jeans: J Brand -- patent pumps: Chanel --
-- belt:
Banana Republic-- watch: Fendi--

sacred accessories4

Tomorrow's week #4 of our tennis league and I'm teaming up with the dear hubz! I'm no longer the dead last in rankings (currently ranked 8 of 12, wahoo!!) but won't hurt to go up a few more notches higher!

I have a feeling this award from Thumbelina will be my lucky charm!
Thanks Thumbelina!!

Have a happy midweek everyone!!


  1. Hey Gracie! Fabulous scarf you got there! So in love with the 'grape' detail and the immaculate shade.I sure would want that around my neck this fall and winter. haha!

    And you look great in jeans and patent fave shot is of you sitting with one leg stretched!

    Hope to see you next week.

  2. I just love that scarf! I love it's body, I think I'd be playing with it all day if it were around my neck.
    And congrats on the ranking and on your award!

  3. The scarf is so beautiful ! Those Chanel are really classic and gorgeous :) would love to get something from the site. Ahhhhh,but I'm trying really hard not to break my ban :(

    Know totally how it feels. I too when pass by my fave stores like topshop,I always fight to try not to go in but I always do in the end. heeee

  4. oh my gosh, that scarf looks so beautiful! and i love your heels. thanks for the comment! =)

  5. oh wooooow. that's a beautiful scarf!

  6. thats so pretty! and looks amazingly snuggly...

    ahah you are a brave woman if youd drink wine with that scarf!! if i had that scarf it would be covered in huge red stains ;)

    snd congratulations on the award!


  7. I accidentally deleted a comment from Wendy B. She said it was a great scarf. Thanks Wendy.

  8. Hi Grace and a happy sunny thursday to you!

    "Grace-the Chanel-shoes girl" is also "Grace-the girl with the wonderful accessoires"!

    Your scarf is such a beautie-cutie! So tres chic but nevertheless so cozy!!!

    Love the opulent piece to your skinny black top, Grace!!!

    The Azaara ring is also fabulous!The color of the turquoise stone and the gold little blossoms are stunning!

    Enjoy the rest of the day. Oh yes.. there is a third Grace... Grace-who-loooves-to-play-tennis ;)
    Congratulations on your award!!!
    Lots of hugs to you...

  9. That scarf is beautiful! I'll definitely check out the site.

  10. I LOVE the froth of the scarf. A perfect counterpoint for Spring! BTW, I'm back after my Fashion Week daze! :) Thanks for your lovely comment!

  11. aww, you look totally cute! and the scarf is greeat too

  12. Hi Grace,

    I like your new scarf! You look so lovely as always and your patent Chanel pumps are gorgeous!

    I like the studded bracelets you want to buy, i am currently obsessed with studs! i tried to do a few DIY projects with studs but i decided to stop before i ruin my entire wardrobe! :)

    Have fun playing tennis!!

  13. Gorgeous scarf! It looks lovely on you. :)

  14. Hi there! Thanks for the super sweet comment. I absolutely love your scarf.

  15. The scarf is so beautiful and really dramatic. It can totally make an outfit.

    You're welcome :) I'm so glad I met you through blogging. One day I hope to actually meet you!

  16. Hi Grace!
    How are you? I'm so sorry I have not send you your earrings. I will send it out when I'm back to Dallas tomorrow. The scarf is so beautiful!
    Have a nice day,

  17. my admiration for your great taste.
    the scarf is totally over my imagination!!
    it looks even more beautiful on you:]

  18. I love your scarf!:) It's so beautiful :)

  19. Grace, the scarf looks fabulous on you. I also have a thing for scarves and I love having something wrapped around my neck during fall and winter. And your shoes... your shoe... my goodness... they are gorgeous!!!! I can't stop looking at them. They look amazing with your jeans.

    Good luck this weekend with the tennis tournament. I know you and your husband will do great. And 8 out of 12 is pretty amazing. You're a lot better than you think. Have a good weekend, Grace.


  20. Hello Grace!

    Thanks to Tiffany I finally know how to follow you ;)

    Have a beautiful weekend ahead with lots of happy moments and sunshine in your heart!

  21. grace, it's a fabulous scarf!
    i must check that store soon!
    thanks and congrats on the award.

  22. Ooohh wine tasting! That's something I definitely want to do! :) Love your wonderful scarf!


  23. I like your scarf and beautiful heels too!

    Never heard of that web shop before, thanks for sharing. I may buy something soon, that got great stuff!

  24. lovely scarf! =)

  25. What an amazing piece - and it will go with everything!

  26. I really like your ivory scarf's "exquisite finery" side, the way it subtly instils a "neo romantic" twist on your Sexy/Radiant presence AND "casual CHIC-issime" silhouette . . .
    ps: Pfffffff your carmine RED Chanel Heels truly sound as such a "Fetish Bewitchment" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  27. I absolutely adore you scarf!!!! It's so amazing!!!

  28. Hey girl! How's the tennis? Show them, Grace!

    Missed our lunch yesterday too. Stuck at home. Feeling better more fever! But all covered with ugly spots...sighs! You'll see what I mean. But won't dwell on that as it is a beautiful summer day STILL in Minneapolis!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Hello Sweetheart.

    And when you see my "following list": I also follow myself ;)))

    Many hugs to Minneapolis and have a happy weekend!!!

  30. Hellobello doll,

    I really like Ur pumps from Chanel. They are a timeless pieces on ur wardrobe... oh and turguoise ring is awesome too...

    Have a great weekend!


  31. I love this look!
    Cool blog:D

  32. Hello Grace.

    All good things come in 3, so this is my third comment ;)

    Just wanted to drop you a short line to let you know that a little award is awaiting you!

    Beautiful Blessings and a 6:0 6:0 tennis match!;)

  33. your new scarf is absolutely beautiful!!!! x

  34. Lovely scarf! Loving those grapes on it and it looks so warm and comfy.Hope your "team" won in the tennis match.

    Have a beautiful day ahead!

    PS: The Chanel patent pumps is gorgeous! ;)

  35. gorgeous, should i say more about the shoes? speechless. bow.:) you look pretty, as always:)

    btw, i'd love to invite you to take part in my giveaway going on at my blog! its open to US residents:)

  36. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! =)

  37. @Eden - I love giveaways! I'll be sure to join! =)

  38. so sosooosososos pretty
    i want to buy one
    and the little grapes are so chic
    gosh serious "staple for some stylish warmth"!!!
    and i spy some sexy new chanels!



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