Friday, October 1, 2010

Virtual Housewarming (Part 1)

It's been 6 months since we moved in to our new home and finally, I can say we're almost done furnishing and decorating. However, we have not had any proper housewarming party yet and will probably not have for a long while because I've been traveling again for work. Funny, in this digital age, my virtual friends get to have a sneak peak of our house before our real friends do. In any case, here's a few rooms we've completed already beginning with our formal living room -- which is pretty much done already, just missing a slightly edgy, slightly funky modern chair in the corner.

And what a perfect coincidence that I have been contacted again by to do another product review! It seems I will find that perfect chair pretty soon here!

3 - formal living

And here's our dining room. It's actually not a set. The table was from our old set, the end chairs were bought separately, and the 4 chairs with round cutout back are matching chairs for our dinette -- which we switched over with our old chairs! Confusing I know, but it works somehow, don't you think?!

The lamps, plants and accessories were inexpensive buys from Target, Walmart and Our Home.

The drapes and area rug were from and came free from our builder!
dining room

And of course, you've seen our Travel Room which I blogged about here.

Travel Room4

And in case you're wondering, my dressing room is still in the same exact state as when I last blogged about it here. Ironic, my favorite room in the house is probably the last one to get furnished and decorated.

OK folks, that's all for now! I'll be sure to continue this virtual housewarming post as soon as I can sneak a few hours off work!


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