Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall BBQ

We tried to squeeze in a one last bbq party before the temps dip into the too-uncomfortable-to-be-ouside category.    
Our friends were kind enough to host it and we were treated to a feast of 6-hr smoked wagyu brisket and ribs. 

I can't resist a good bbq and steak.   Probably why I'd never be a vegetarian.  

Maybe the only way I'd be is if someone promises to buy me a Chanel accessory 
for each time I choose kale over steak and cabbage over wagyu! 

Until then, a proud carnivore I'll remain to be!

-- Chanel logo reversible necklace --
-- such a worthy buy!  The chain can be worn long or short and the pendant has a smooth enamel side or a rhinestones side --

-- Banana Republic wrap sweather  -- Ann Taylor red top  --
-- 7 for All Mankind straight leg jeans -- Saks Fifth Avenue black ruched booties  --

Welcome to my dressing room!  I managed to buy a few more pieces in the summer.  
After 2 years, this room is almost complete! 

1 comment:

  1. G,is this really a dressing room or a high end boutique? ;)

    By the way, I´d also choose meat anytime pero with a side salad to compromise.... daw. ;)

    How are you?



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