Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is it a Prada? Is it a Longchamp?

A wrap, a tee, jeans and ruched booties is all I need to dress warmly in this cold winter day!

 ...Allow me to present Prada's controversial homage to Longchamp's Le Pliage.   
One glimpse and there's no denying it -- the handle, the flap and heck even the stitching 
is eerily reminiscent of the Le Pliage. 

I know I could have gotten myself 5 Longchamps for the price of this one Prada 
but I do prefer this Prada over the Longchamp.

First, the nylon material has a really nice sheen to it.  
Second, the bottom of the bag does not snag as easily as the Le Pliage does. 
Third, I just love how functional the straps are -- it's what won me over!
And lastly, I'm just a Prada fan through and through.  

If they make this in different wild and funky colors, 
I will collect them the same way I do with the Le Pliage!

kate's sharky bday1 kate's sharky bday3 kate's sharky bday4 kate's sharky bday2
-- Karl Lagerfeld Key to Cure white tee   -- Saks Threads gray cashmere wrap  --  Mimi di N leaf buckle belt --
 -- JBrand jeans  -- Saks ruched black bootiesi --


  1. This bag really looks like a homage to Longchamp´s le Pliage but then unlike you, I bought 5 Longchamps instead of this Prada. lol!

  2. do you know the name of this model? (the prada)



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