Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY: How to Distress Jeans

lucky brand distressed DIY2
This is a lot more simple than I thought it would be. 
Searching for the best tutorial in the interwebs probably took longer than the DIY itself.
I found this to be the best and simplest, not to mention her voice is so sweet and soothing!  
  A few things to add: 
  • My old Lucky Brand jeans already came slightly distressed and all I wanted was to rip a few small bits here and there.
  • I had this for inspiration but I wanted mine to be a tad bit tamed.
  • The tutorial is NOT kidding about the first few strands being the hardest to pull.   Be patient as it does get easier after a few pulls.  
  • I decided to leave a few blue strands in each hole. 
  • Total time:  30 minutes all while watching NCIS! 
And here's how I wore it.  
Outfit details here.

saks off 5th shopping  ripped jeans 
Ironic, after this DIY, I found a perfectly-distressed jeans that I absolutely love!  
Oh well, who says you can only have one distressed jeans in your closet?!

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