Sunday, June 23, 2013

Surprise Wedding!

We got an invitation to a friend's surprise 40th birthday party thrown by his 
long-time girlfriend of 11 years.
The venue was at the  poshest part of town with sweeping views of the city and the mighty Mississippi. 
Everyone there was laughing and kidding their spouses not to expect 
to be thrown the same grand party when it's their turn to celebrate 40. 
As it turned out, all of us we were the one who ended up being surprised!  
The invitation was really for a surprise wedding ceremony!  
As we saw the couple enter through a secret door in their their wedding attire, 
everyone had mixed emotions with varying ranges of disbelief and shock which quickly 
turned into an overwhelming tears of happiness for both of them! 
These are things you only read in magazines that celebrities routinely pull off to their friends. 
In a way, with all the glamour, drama and shock factor, it was really very Hollywood.
It was a surprise we will not forget!  
And what an honor to have been invited to share that special moment with them!  
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                                                                     DRESS: Halston Heritage dress worn as a top.  Still available here!
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