Monday, June 10, 2013

Travelogue: European Roadtrip Part 5 (Salzburg, Austria)

Part 1 - Hamburg, Germany
Part 2 - Berlin, Germany
Part 3 - Dresden, Germany 
Part 4 - Prague, Czech Republic

Because we could not take our rental car to Prague, 
we lost a day traveling by train between Prague and Dresden. 
And so we had to choose between Vienna and Salzburg to keep in our itinerary.  

It pained me to give up Vienna but I knew I would have regretted it even more had I given up Salzburg. 
As a child growing up watching The Sound of Music almost every weekend, 
the gardens and songs and castles and lakes and gazebos from the movie were forever etched 
in my memory.   

We arrived in the city about noontime and had the rest of the day to explore. 
It was a perfect prelude to the tour we did the following day! 

Mirabelle Gardens 
 Where the Do-Re-Mi scene from the Sound of Music was shot. 
mirabell gardens mirabell gardens mirabell gardens red flowers

Mozart's House 
We all know that Mozart is a musical genius but after touring this place, 
you'll have a newfound appreciation of just exactly how much of a genius is he. 
Visit tip:  Bring your own high-quality headset for a better appreciation of the audio tour and be sure to listen to Mozart's music at the end of each commentary! 
mozart's birthplace

Wrought iron street dotted with luxury shops, souvenirs, snack places and restaurants! 
nice shot of getreidegasse lv wrought iron sign on getreidegasse wrought iron signs on getreidegasse

River Salzach river salzach

A view of the Fortress Hohensalzburg a view of the fortress hohensalzburg

Up next: we'll be singing raindrops and roses and blue satin sashes!!  


  1. The photos are amazing,G! Haven´t been here yet and dying to visit tehse places. :)

    1. Che - let me know when you do, I have some tour recommendations for you! :D



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