Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catch-Up (#13)

Work pretty much occupied my every waking hour this week. I've been working 16-hour days for a few weeks now and usually won't turn in until midnight or 1AM, too tired to blog. Just this week alone, I must have worked more than 80 hours.

Today, I'm so glad I do not have to work so I took advantage and slept like a baby for 13 hours. I'll enjoy this day as much as I can because tomorrow, it's back to work again.

Will catch up on outfits when I can, wasn't able to take pictures for my Wed-Fri outfits. But just in case this blog gets quiet again, just assume work is taking over my entire life again!

Tuesday's combination: B3 + SK4 + S1
-- Ann Taylor blazer -- Romeo and Juliet couture floral top -- Banana Republic skirt -- Prada nude pumps --


1 comment:

  1. girl, i love the print on that dress :) you look way too cute to be so exhausted!



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