Sunday, November 21, 2010

Switch Needed (#11)

I'm making another switcheroo for one of my remixing items. My Dries pumps turned out to be quite impractical here in Brazil. I don't want to hurt myself walking along uneven cobblestones or worse, make a fool of myself as I try to balance in a 4-inch pumps walking downhill. Safety and practicality should justify a switch, would you agree? :D

Found these Steve Madden Ann Demeulemeester-like buckle booties at DSW for $30 last month. I couldn't resist the price considering the real deal is 30 times more expensive! But I have to say though the leather is not very comfy on this. I am curious to know how much comfier the real Ann D's would be like... and for that let me ask my friend Martina of The Little Fashion Treasury!

day 11-1
-- Ann Taylor Loft halter top -- A|X leggings -- Ann D-inspired Steve Madden booties --

day 11

Today's combination: T5 + P1 + S3 replacement


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