Thursday, November 4, 2010

A|X x8

I'm still alive!!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger these days. Work is getting in the way with all the travels and deadlines and stuff. But I'm not complaining! In fact, I just got a very good news a few days ago that could very well be the turning point of my career.

I would have celebrated with you all but the good news was immediately followed by a few misfortunes: my work laptop died; my backup work laptop, though working, was completely unusable for work; lost my luggage with most of my work clothes; airline is unable to locate my lost luggage; I got sick and was in bed for 2 straight days, unable to vote, unable to work.

All that happened in a span of 4 days. And so, to save my sanity, I decided to break my 64 days of non-shopping.

And shopping I did! Went shopping online, at the outlet, at the mall, at discount retailers, specialty retailers, mega retailers. In fact, I'm not done yet. As soon as I hit the publish post, I'm off shopping again!!!

Yes, that's what 64 days of non-shopping along with a dead laptop, lost luggage and a nasty cough and cold can do to ya. I surely don't wish it on anyone. :D

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak of what I've bought. I snagged 8 new pieces from 1 store alone!! Thanks to for all the wonderful sale!!


Sweater: A|X, on sale here. So happy with this, I bought it in black and heather.
Biker's Jacket: A|X, sold out but similar style on sale here.
Leggings: A|X, on sale here. Love the stud detail!
Sunnies: A|X, similar style here.

And my Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee-boots is making a debut after 6 months of hibernation!!

Stay tuned for more of shopping updates!! Let's see if my shopping luck continues tonight...


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