Sunday, August 9, 2009

Something Frilly, Something Fishy

carmen marc valvo skirt2
-- cami: The Limited --- skirt: Carmen Marc Valvo -- belt: Calvin Klein --
-- watch: Fendi -- shoes: Guess --

I spotted this skirt a few weeks ago and didn't want to try it on at first. I'm glad I did because it was love at first try right at the dressing room! The ruffles and the way the chiffon hugs my curves, they're an instant prettifier!

* * *

carmen marc valvo skirt3
Close-up of the ruffle details!

* * *

carmen marc valvo dress
It was such a steal as the dress version of it was still selling for $350 at!

* * *
(End of the "frilly" post)

N ow on the "fishy" side, I'm just so jealous of Thumbelina's recent post about her $15pp 4-course brunch! In my neck of the woods, if I wanted a 4-course meal for $15, I'll have to cook it myself.

Just one shrimp tempura roll is usually at least $15; throw in a few sashimi and sushi and it'll cost you a skirt - a Carmen Marc Valvo chiffon ruffle skirt!!

wasabi 08-024
One of our fave sushi places here is Wasabi.
We are regulars at this place ever since it opened 3 years ago.

* * *

wasabi 08-3
They fly in their fish daily and that probably accounts for half of the cost of the items in their menu!

* * *

wasabi 08-02
Too bad you can't fish salmon, white tuna and squid from lakes because we have 10,000 of those!!

* * *

Wishing everyone a happy work week ahead from the "land of 10,000 lakes" and expensive sushi!! =)


  1. Hi there! Love the frilly skirt and especially love chiffon fabric! I think this material complements my body type nicely so lots of my clothes are chiffon actually.

    You're so right...Japanese food dining in the city is never $15 dollars. Miss Bangkok where Japanese food was cheaper so I could eat it every day.

    Great outfit!

  2. Had to smile about your "land of expensive sushi" ;)

    The skirt version looks so much better on you with the black tee and black heels than the dress version!! GORGEOUS!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful enchanting week ahead!

  3. Can I steal your outfit?! It's GORGEOUS! So something I would wear. Yeah, I know about the deal...pretty amazing. I don't know how they make money that way. This place looks great though...yum yum. I can't resist good sushi.

  4. hi there!

    your carmen marc valvo skirt has great movement! you can take it out for sushi and some salsa (dancing)! love your necklace too!


  5. Hey there! Thanks for the nice comments and the INVITE!

    I knew we would meet up eventually! First blogger meet-up ever! We're having drinks? Where? When? Perhaps after your work hours? Do you live around downtown? haha! So excited. We can email each other for details.

    See you!

  6. Hi again! Hmmm, I didn't get your email.
    You can email me tomorrow coz it may be too late now for you. E-mail me at

    Thanks again!

  7. Dear Grace, how are you, sweetie?!
    Just a short note - I have to work on the "10things" blog award thing since days now... I've added you to my blog roll in between - and will pass a stylish award to you - so look out and be prepared ;)
    Your skirt is lovely - from far it looks like it is made of soft feathers. Very nice pattern!
    And the fooooooood.... YUMMY YUM YUM!
    xoxo, S.

  8. Thanks for your sweet comment! I hope I'll look just a good as you when I'm older. Not that you look really old or something haha that skirt is beautiful! I think the skirt is even more beautiful than the dress!

  9. Thank you lovely ladies for the sweet comments!! =)

    @Kat - see yah Friday ;)

  10. Your skirt is wonderful! It looks sooo comfortable! :) And expensive sushi!? We have amazing sushi buffets where I live. Maybe it's cheap because it's a college town! But I love it!




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