Sunday, May 12, 2013

Travelogue: European Roadtrip Part 1 (Hamburg, Germany)

A few years ago, the hubz and I went on an unforgettable roadtrip in Europe!  
We covered roughly  2,160 miles in 9 days traveling by car and train. 
From the Netherlands, to Deutschland, a chu-chu train ride to the Czech Republic, 
to the scenic vistas of Austria and Switzerland, and unbeknownst to us through one of the world's smallest principality of Liechtenstein, parts of Luxembourg and France, 
it was a memorable road trip and a journey we will never forget!  

Join me as I relive this moment beginning with the hubby's photos from Hamburg, Germany --
where our roadtrip began.

view of dammtor from our hotel room view of hamburg from our hotel room

Legend has it that the hamburger as we know it now originated from the Hamburg patty. 
So, first thing we did as soon as we arrived there was to try it out.
hamburg steak! ecargali's delicious hamburg steak 

The Alsterarkaden Shopping Street is the perfect spot to have a coffee or a nice meal 
overlooking some ferries occasionally passing by. 
alsterarkaden RAR_7630 ferry passing in alsterarkaden

The Ruins of St. Nikolai.  
Once the tallest structure in the world in the 1800's until it was destroyed during the World War I.
A sculpture called 'The Ordeal' stands within the ruins as a memorial to the 50,000 people
who were imprisoned here and eventually met their death.
st. nikolai's church tower ruin of nikolaitower memorial memorial tall tower of st. nikolai's church

We were lucky to see the European Beach Volleyball Championship while there.
raise it high she's ready norwegian reaches high waiting between points 

Deichstrasse -- the oldest street in Hamburg.
The Great Fire of the mid 1800's broke out here which destroyed many buildings and killed
tens of thousands of people.  Only a few original buildings were left, a lot of these you see here
have been carefully restored throughout the centuries.
deichstrasse other side of speicherstadt speicherstadt

Shops and arcades.
arcade in hamburg alte post hamburg's haute couture shops

We stayed at the Radisson SAS which was conveniently located to all the attractions. 
I especially love the view from our room at night when the entire city lits up!
radisson sas - hamburg radisson sas - hamburg hamburg (at night) 

 Join me next week as we drive 178 miles to travel to the German capital of Berlin! 


  1. These photos are spectacular! I´ve been meaning to visit these places but my travelling companion aka as the hubby prefers the Latin part still. I think I need to brush up my Spanish debating skills to win him over. ;)

    1. Thanks Che. Hubby took them, I just stole them for this blog post, lol! All your travels to the Latin part of Europe is just as exciting. I'm sure the rest of Europe can wait and will still be there once you convince the hubby! :D



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